Impact Statement for   Elizabeth M Kingsland

Planning Unit 093 - Hardin County
Area 306 - Lincoln Trail
Reporting Year 2001
Last Updated 07/15/2001 9:51:53 PM
CMAP 4 - Enhancing Family Stability
PAC 130 - Communities improve or enhance their economic opportunities and situations
Title Child Care Provider Training

Impact Statement

Childcare provider training through the Hardin County Extension Service includes a cooperative
effort with a state/local group, Community Coordinated Child Care (4 Cís), and the
Pennsylvania Cooperative Extension Program: Better Kid Care. Hardin County and 4Cís provide
on site training for orientation and on-going activities as required by Kentucky State law. Better
Kid Care is utilized through a series of live satellite downloads with interactive capabilities. The
programs offered with 4Cís are done with a minimum cost to providers and the Better Kid Care
programs are offered at no cost. 416 people attended these programs in 2000-2001.

Hardin County currently has 114 Childcare Centers. This includes 55 Type I, 56 Certified
Family Home Care Centers and 3 Type II Licensed Home Centers. The Certified Family Home
Centers and Licensed Home Centers operate within very narrow profit margins and often have
trouble retaining employees. The training offered at Hardin County Cooperative Extension
Service fits the needs of these centers, good training and low cost. The satellite training often
has teachers and leaders in the child care field as teachers that would not be available to these
Hardin County Childcare centers. There is no charge for the program and the materials provided
by Pennsylvania are excellent. Each training involves a group discussion, short lecture by FCS
Agent and viewing of the satellite program. Participants are able to fax questions to the live
program and during the past year have had our questions answered on air over 4 times. Follow-
up at the end of each session allows for more discussion and a discussion time between

During a telephone evaluation of Hardin County Child Care Centers ( 10 Type II and 1 Certified
Center)who attended the satellite training participants were asked questions about the program.
75% (8) said they like the format; 100% wanted to program to continue; 50% (6) said that they
were able to retain employees in part due to this training; 75% said that they quality of the
program was excellent; and 80% said they would have trouble finding quality training in Hardin
County that they could afford without this program.