Impact Statement for   Brittany L Edelson

Planning Unit 211 - Shelby County
Area 307 - Louisville
Reporting Year 2001
Last Updated 06/26/2001 2:29:56 PM
PAC 240 - Public understands impact of agriculture on economy, environment, and society
Title Students Embrace Agriculture

Impact Statement

As Shelby County continues to grow and become more urban, the majority of its youth lives in suburbs and lacks opportunity to experience or be exposed to agriculture. These youth need to realize the vast importance of agriculture in their daily lives and their community. To increase agricultural awareness the Shelby County Cooperative Extension Service recruited leaders from farm agencies, the University of Kentucky, as well as 4-H and FFA members to present agricultural information to over 400 Shelby County fifth graders at “Ag & You Day”. Stations included “water quality”, “the financial side of agriculture”, “food, land, and you”, and eight livestock stations manned by 4-H & FFA youth leaders.
Following the program, students successfully completed a questionnaire based on knowledge gained from “Ag & You Day”. In addition, parents of junior 4-Her’s have commented on their children’s increased awareness of where their food comes from as they read food labels.
Overall this program enhances the knowledge gained by the primary youth in Shelby County, but more importantly it has developed future leaders out of senior 4-H and FFA clubs. Youth leaders presenting to the students commented on the lack of agriculture knowledge shown by the fifth graders. These leaders are already planning their stations for next year so that they can further enhance the knowledge of agriculture in our community.