Impact Statement for   Beth G Wilson

Planning Unit 199 - Pulaski County
Area 305 - Lake Cumberland
Reporting Year 2007
Last Updated 7/14/2007 9:21:26 PM
CMAP 2861 - Improving Leadership Skills and Volunteerism
PAC 141 - Master Gardener (Featured Program)
Title Master Gardeners Impact Somerset-Pulaski County

Impact Statement

The Master Gardener Program began in Pulaski County in 2000. The Lake Cumberland Master Gardener Association was formed in 2001. There are currently 21 active members in this organization. Master Gardeners have become an integral part of a successful Horticulture Extension program.
The House for All Ages (part of the Pulaski County Cooperative Extension Service) is a perennial project for the Master Gardeners. Master Gardeners plant and maintain the gardens as part of their volunteer work. The gardens are very important in the Horticulture Extension program since it can be used as a teaching garden.
Another project the Master Gardeners tackle is the organization of the Pulaski County Garden Tour. This was the fifth year for the tour. Around 120 people took part in the tour, a significant jump from years past. Master Gardeners worked many hours to make it a successful event.
Master Gardeners are beginning to take more initiative on their own. For example, they are more active in planning their own continuing education. The next big project they are preparing for is the formation of a botanical garden or arboretum here at the Extension office or on a separate property.
This year, Master Gardener Program participants were offered an additional 15 hours of training by Extension specialists, industry professionals, or the Horticulture Agent. Master Gardener volunteers have given about 715 hours in community service during this fiscal year. According to Independent Sector, a non-profit leadership organization, the assigned hourly wage for volunteer workers is $18.77 for 2006. This translates to approximately $13,421 in volunteer efforts in Pulaski County.