Plan of Work for   137 - Lincoln County

Area 309 - Fort Harrod
Reporting Year 2007
Last Updated 5/19/2006 8:21:42 AM
MAP Title Improving Health, Wellness and Quality of Life
Program Plan Disease Prevention, Management, and Overall Wellness

Rita Stewart

Lifestyle and behavioral risk factors contribute greatly to the onset of the chronic diseases that are the leading causes of death for Kentuckians. On overall health indicators, such as physical activity, obesity, pre-natal care, smoking, eating five fruits and vegetables per day, a national report card ranks Kentucky 39th out of 50 states (UnitedHealth Foundation State Health Rankings for 2002). Lincoln County ranks high in the number of deaths from lung and cervical cancer. The death rate for diabetes in Lincoln County is about average for the state of Kentucky. Many lifestyle factors can be modified to reduce one’s risk of cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. A large percentage of our population-both young and old-struggle with diabetes, obesity, hypertension, and other chronic diseases. By making positive lifestyle changes, it is possible to reduce some of the modifiable risk factors. Hence, the overall health status of the county could be positively impacted through positive nutritional changes, increased physical activity, better stress management, and increased emphasis on prevention and screening.

People will take a more active role in their own health and become more responsible for their own health. They will be better educated about conditions, symptoms, risks, and necessary tests for preventative screenings and diagnosis. We hope to see an improvement in the way our clients monitor their own health. As a result, our community will be healthier and the overall quality of life could be positively impacted in various ways.

Participants will adopt the recommended diet related practices for disease prevention and management, resulting in improved blood chemistry profiles and better control of glucose and cholesterol levels in particular.

Participants will increase the adoption of healthy food practices including nutritious eating patterns and safe food handling procedures.

Clients will increase their knowledge about prevention and/or managing diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease. They will learn about screenings, testing, and managing each condition. They will increase their knowledge of lifestyle practices to help reduce one’s risk for disease and/or help improve the quality of life while living with a condition such as diabetes.

Participants will improve their skills in selecting and cooking healthy foods, increase their knowledge of healthy food choices, and improve their attitudes about healthy eating. They will also increase their knowledge about proper food safety skills to better prevent food-borne illness.

Impact Indicators
Outcomes: Initial
Indicator: Improve attitudes about healthy lifestyle practices and increased knowledge of disease prevention, screenings, and management (i.e. as it relates to diabetes or cancer)
Method: evaluation, questioning at programs
Timeline: All Year and at the completion of specific programs

Outcomes: Intermediate
Indicator: Adoption of recommended diet related practices for disease prevention and management
Method: evaluation
Timeline: All Year and at the completion of specific programs

Outcomes: Long-Term
Indicator: Improvement in the number of people reporting being more responsible for their own health after participating in a number of Extension sponsored programs
Method: compilation of the evaluations completed of all wellness programs at the end of the year; case studies
Timeline: At the end of the program year or at least 6 months after the program ends

General Public (initial), Boneyville Community (initial, intermediate, long-term), Extension Homemakers (initial, intermediate, long-term), Seniors (initial, intermediate, youth (initial), employees at local factory(ios) or businesses.

Activity: Diabetes Support and Information Group
Content or Curriculum: Diabetes Education
Date: All Year—meets monthly

Activity: Cancer Coalition Group Meetings & Education Programs
Content or Curriculum: Cancer Education
Date: All Year

Activity: Boneyville Program
Content or Curriculum: Health Education and Screenings
Date: Spring, 2007

Activity: Breast & Cervical Cancer Educational Programs
Content or Curriculum: Breast and Cervical Cancer Education
Date: October, 2006 and Winter 2007

Activity: Senior Celebration Day
Content or Curriculum: Health Education and Screenings
Date: May, 2007
Activity: Vital Vitamins Leader Training
Content or Curriculum: Health Education
Date: September, 2006

Activity: Provide nutritional information related to disease prevention and management (low-fat, low cholesterol, reduced sugar and salt especially) as requested by clientele
Content or Curriculum: FCS Materials, HEEL Program Materials
Date: All Year As Needed

Activity: Newsletter & Media Articles
Content or Curriculum: Health Education (HEEL Information)
Date: All Year

Activity: Versaitle Vegetables Leader Training
Content or Curriculum: FCS Publications
Date: October, 2006
Activity: Wellness Programs at Affinia Brake Parts, Inc.
Content or Curriculum: Health Education—Nutrition, Physical Activity, Stress Management
Date: All Year
Activity: Fanciful Fruits Leader Training
Content or Curriculum: FCS Publications
Date: February, 2007
Activity: Senior Citizens Nutrition Education Programs
Content or Curriculum: FCS Publications, HEEL Program Materials, Ky. Gets FoodWise Curriculum
Date: Monthly
Activity: Pressure Canner Gauge Testing Opportunities
Content or Curriculum: Food Preservation/Food Safety Guidelines
Date: Summer

Activity: Food Preservation Education Opportunities
Content or Curriculum: Food Preservation Guidelines
Date: Summer

Activity: Family Development & Management Program
Content or Curriculum: KSU--Foods & Nutrition Materials
Date: All Year

Activity: Lunch Break Sessions
Content or Curriculum: FCS Publications
Date: All year

Activity: Nutrition & Physical Activity Educational Programs at Adult Day Health Center
Content or Curriculum: Health Education and Demonstrations
Date: Monthly—all year

Community Partners: Health Dept, Ephraim McDowell Regional Medical Center, Kentucky Cancer Program, American Cancer Society, local doctors’ offices, Kentucky State University, home health agencies, senior citizens center, Affinia Brake Parts Inc.
Facilities Used: Lincoln County Extension Office, Lincoln County Senior Citizens Center, Lincoln County Health Dept., Adult Day Health Center, Affinia Brake Parts Inc.