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Invasive Species Work at the University of Kentucky - Instruction

Listed below is a brief description of the instruction efforts at the University of Kentucky's College of Agriculture that pertain to invasive species. We also have information on invasive species:



We would like to maintain an up-to-date list of invasive species work conducted throughout the University of Kentucky. Please contact us if you have instruction, research, or outreach efforts at the University of Kentucky pertaining to invasive species that you would like us to add to this website.


For course descriptions, please visit the online University of Kentucky Bulletin or click on the (pdf) after the course title for the course description.

Department of Entomology - College of Agriculture

ENT 310 Insect Pests of Field Crops (pdf)
ENT 320 Horticultural Entomology (pdf)
ENT/FOR 402 Forest Entomology (pdf)
ENT/BIO 665 Insect Ecology (pdf)
ENT/FOR/BIO 667 Invasive Species Biology (pdf)
ENT 680 Biological Control (pdf)

Department of Forestry
- College of Agriculture
FOR 340 Forest Ecology (pdf)
FOR 350 Silviculture (pdf)
FOR 376 Silvicultural Practices (pdf)
FOR 480 Integrated Forest Resource Management (pdf)
FOR 602 Renewable Natural Resources in a Global Perspective (pdf)

Department of Horticulture - College of Agriculture
PLS 220 Introduction to Plant Identification (pdf)
PLS 320 Woody Horticultural Plants (pdf)
PLS 330 Herbaceous Horticultural Plants I (pdf)
PLS 332 Herbaceous Horticultural Plants II (pdf)

Department of Plant Pathology - College of Agriculture

PPA 640 Identification of Plant Diseases (pdf)

Department of Plant and Soil Sciences - College of Agriculture

PLS 404 Integrated Weed Management (pdf)

The Arboretum

The Arboretum has field labs for various University courses. Identification of 15 species of invasive plant species and impacts of invasive species on Kentucky natural areas.


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