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Building Community Leaders

Building Community Leaders for Tomorrow (BCLT) Program

Building civic capacity and personal leadership awareness are imperative in developing a viable, action-based community.  Challenges abound for today’s communities – not the least of which include social, economic, and environmental concerns.  It has been determined by many local leaders that if economic and community development is to occur, it is their responsibility to make it happen.  Through training and development focused on community-oriented factors, the Building Community Leaders for Tomorrow (BCLT) program assists in actively developing effective leadership skills for extension agents and community members, while encouraging action through civic engagement.  Topics of instruction include:

  1. Knowledge of self-leadership
  2. Change-oriented leadership
  3. Negotiation
  4. Conflict management
  5. KAI/problem-solving style
  6. Community action
  7. Aspects of non-profit leadership
  8. Civic engagement in the community

These topics and many others are presented in two ways – 1) through Extension in-services offered to any interested agent, and 2) through individual seminars developed for a specific target audience.  The individual seminars may be initiated by an extension agent, leader of a community or civic organization, or director of any group that is interested in developing and enhancing their group’s leadership skills.

For more information, or to discuss seminar possibilities, please contact Dr. Kristina Ricketts or (859) 257-3767. 


Empowering Leaders in Kentucky (ELK) Program

Families make up a key component of today’s communities, regardless of whether they are urban or rural.  Often, it is families that provide the foundation for viable communities, and individuals from all aspects of the family who make up today’s leaders.  Therefore, it is particularly important that these individuals have effective leadership training, ideally so they can make a difference in their community.  Through a partnership between the department of Community & Leadership Development and the Family & Consumer Sciences Extension Program, the Empowering Leaders in Kentucky (ELK) program has been developed to train FCS agents on how to be better leaders, and to assist them in bringing that knowledge to families within their communities.  Areas of instruction include:

  1. Leadership
  2. Group Process
  3. Volunteerism
  4. Androgogy (Teaching Others)

Curriculum will be developed and presented in a series of trainings.  Stay tuned to this website for upcoming curriculum modules, and for training dates and locations.

For more information about this program, please contact Dr. Kristina Ricketts or (859) 257-3767.