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Kentucky Farm Bureau Federation
Mark Haney

Council for Burley Tobacco
Todd Clark, Vice-Chair
Alternate: Hoppy Henton

Kentucky Department of Agriculture
James Comer
Alternate: Clint Quarles

Dean, U.K. College of Agriculture
Nancy M. Cox

Kentucky Science & Technology Corporation
Kris W. Kimel
Alternate: Mahendra Jain

Chair, Senate Committee on Agriculture & Natural Resources
Paul Hornback

Chair, House Committee on Agriculture & Small Business
Thomas McKee
Jim Gooch

Burley Growers' Cooperative Association
Tim Lyons

University of Kentucky
Vice President of Research

James Tracy
Alternate: Craig Rush

Kentucky Innovations Commission
Chad Eames

Member at Large
Paige Short

Member at Large
Roger Thomas

Member at Large
Scott Travis, Chair

The flower of tobacco plants can be a variety of colors including white, pink, peach, and red.

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