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KyFarmStart self-paced lessons are designed to be a supplement as well as a replacement to the face to face classroom setting that is provided throughout the state at county extension offices. We understand that sometimes the best time to study and research is closer to midnight and this is one alternative to the county extension office setting.

Why do I want to farm?    Mission, Goals and Tactics

    Establishing the reason that you want to farm will be key in determining your enterprise selection, marketing strategies, and business plan. Identifying your personal farm mission, goals, and tactics to achieve your goals allows you the opportunity to clearly identify why you want to farm.

What do I want to farm?    PRIMER

    Identifying a viable farm enterprise will build upon the management skills and strategies from the previous chapter. Your current access to land, labor, and financial resources will greatly influence your enterprise. Clearly thinking through your enterprise selection on paper prior to implantation can help you evaluate the potential for success.

How am I going to farm?

What do I need to farm?