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This link will direct you to a number of "hub" sites where a wide range of educational, informational, and research resources can be found.


News – Follow print, radio, and television news stories produced by the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture.

See blue. Go green. This site provides information for Kentuckians regarding environmental "green" topics.

MONEYWI$E - Rising prices at the grocery store and fuel pump are encouraging consumers to spend wisely.  Almost every decision a person makes during the day will influence that household’s bottom line. Making informed financial choices in your everyday living can help stretch your dollar. The University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service recognizes the need for Kentuckians to be able to access up-to-date information regarding financial decisions.  This website will provide information, decision aids, and financial calculators directed at all aspects of everyday living.

Kentucky MarketMaker - An interactive mapping system that locates businesses and markets of agricultural products in Kentucky, providing an important link between producers and consumers.

FSIC – Check out the Food Systems Innovation Center

Weather – Provides information on rainfall, weather maps, AgCast, pest news and more. - Find information on tress, shrubs, flowers, fruits, vegetables, lawns, indoor plants, landscaping, pests, soils and composting, and the Cooperative Extension Master Gardener Program.

Kentucky Farm Business Management Program - Since 1962, the Kentucky Farm Business Management Program (KFBM) has been serving the agricultural industry by assisting member farmers track financial performance, determine the profitability of individual enterprises, improve management practices, complete tax returns, set business and personal goals, and make sound management decisions. The KFBM Program's design also helps improve farm management on non-member Kentucky farms by providing factual economic information about Kentucky farms for use in research, teaching, and extension.

1.jpg - View video from agriculture related events from around the state.

USDA Census of Agriculture – Current and historical agriculture census information.

Kentucky Pest News - The articles contained in the KY Pest News newsletter are submitted by the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture Entomology, Plant Pathology and Weed Science Cooperative Extension Specialists for a variety of pests including insects, diseases and weeds. The KY Pest News Newsletter is published weekly during the peak growing season and bi-weekly the remainder of the year.