University of Kentucky College of Agriculture


The E in PRIMER stands for Enthusiasm. It perhaps could also stand for emotion or entrepreneurial ability.

The kind of questions to ask:   (click here to view questions)
  • Is this something I will enjoy doing?Yes No Maybe
  • Is there enough variety in the production and
    marketing activity to keep this interesting? Yes No Maybe
  • Is this something I can get better at with practice?Yes No Maybe


More than Enthusiasm

Few endeavors in life or in business are going to be successful if enthusiasm is missing from the equation.  Liking what you do is a key to being good at it. On the enthusiasm worksheet list three good reasons for starting up your new enterprise. You may have more than three, but you should have at least three good reasons. In the optimism of planning a new enterprise, it may be difficult to think of reasons for getting out of business. However, now is the time to set some benchmarks that would help you know when it’s time to call it quits.  Weeks, months, or even years into an endeavor your judgment may be clouded by the investment of time, dollars, and emotion that has gone into your enterprise. Sunk costs never provide a very good basis for decision making, but sunk costs along with a strong dose of pride and tradition have kept many farmers in business long after the economic conditions have suggested otherwise.