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From the Editors of Kentucky Woodlands Magazine

With this issue we welcome Pamela Snyder as new co-editor of the Kentucky Woodlands Magazine. Pamela has been involved in woodland owner programs for a number of years as manager of the Kentucky Division of Forestry’s Stewardship Program. This program encompasses the Stewardship Planning that the Division does for woodland owners in Kentucky and she is well positioned to understand woodland owner issues.

This issue has a broad spectrum of information ranging from the very practical that woodland owners can use to help with management and use of their property to some “big picture” issues that are emerging and will impact woodland owners in the future. On the practical side we have our Forestry 101 department providing information on boundary and tree marking paint and how to apply them. The “big picture” is provided by our article, in the three part series, on new genetic technologies and what they can mean to forestry. This is the last of this series and it provides a discussion of the controversies involving the use of new genetic technologies, including genetically modified organisms (GMOs). While many may think of GMOs as a food and traditional agriculture issue, the world of GMOs may make its way to Kentucky woodland owners. What if an American chestnut GMO is produced that allows us to re-establish that species. Are you interested?

We are also starting a new department “Wildlife 101” written by Matthew Springer, UK Forestry’s relatively new wildlife Extension professor. Like Forestry 101, it will focus on practical information for woodland owners that are interested in wildlife. On behalf of Pamela and I we hope you continue to enjoy and are enlightened by the Magazine.

Jeff Stringer,
University of Kentucky
Department of Forestry

Pam Synder,
Kentucky Division of Forestry

Promoting stewardship and sustainable management of Kentucky's non-industrial private forests.

On behalf of the Department of Forestry and Natural Resources at the University of Kentucky and the Kentucky Division of Forestry, the editors of Kentucky Woodlands Magazine commend you for the effort you put forth to manage our woodlands, and we hope that this magazine will help make your efforts more rewarding.

Jeff Stringer

Cooperative Extension Service, University of Kentucky, Department of Forestry

Pam Snyder

Kentucky Division of Forestry

Billy Thomas

Associate Editor
Cooperative Extension Service, University of Kentucky, Department of Forestry

Renee' Williams
Assistant Editor
Advertising (print version) and Graphic Designer
Cooperative Extension Service, University of Kentucky, Department of Forestry

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