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Budgeting & Saving

All My Money – Curriculum for teaching money management and consumer skills to limited resource audiences.

Balancing Income and Expenses – Fact sheet on how to balance income and expenses and maintain a budget.

Build Wealth Not Debt: Become an American Saver – Program aimed at educating and assisting Americans to build wealth by saving and reducing debt.

Capture the Power of a Spending Plan – Quick and easy ways to develop a successful spending plan.

How to Keep Money in Your Pocket – FCS 5-102 -  Your spending and saving habits influence your ability to achieve financial security. You can change wasteful spending habits if you understand how habits are shaped, the parts of spending behavior, and ways spending behavior can be changed.

How to Make your Money Go Further – FCS 5-101 - The way you spend your money today will determine what you have six months from now, a year from now, five years from now or in your lifetime. You control your financial destiny. Successful money managers control the way they spend their money.

Making It on a College Budget. Paying for college is one of the most significant costs families encounter. The purpose of this lesson is to enable students to gain skills in managing income and expenses effectively to maximize the money they have for college. Participants will gain skills in managing income and expenses effectively. They will know what's important, set goals, make a spending plan and have a chance to evaluate their spending. For more information regarding this program, contact Jennifer Hunter

Money in Your Pocket: The Budget Box System. Designed to help families manage their money. Uses a budget box system to set spending priorities for one month at a time. Allows for varying income and accepts the fact that there may not be enough money to meet all expenses. Families are encouraged to set realistic financial goals.  Includes six lessons plus Money in Your Pocket cards, templates for printing envelopes for expense and income categories. For more information regarding this program, contact Jennifer Hunter

Money SmartMoney Smart for Young Adults and Money Smart.  Both of these have been updated recently.  They have great modules on banking, checking accounts, setting financial goals and keeping track of ones money, savings, borrowing, credit cards, home ownership, and on the young adult one, paying for college and cars. For more information regarding this program, contact Jennifer Hunter