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Emergency Planning

Winter Emergency Information – Safety Information complied by the University of Kentucky School of Human and Environmental Sciences to address the aftermath of the 2009 winter ice storm. Topics include Chain Saw Safety, Carbon Monoxide Safety, Cleanup Hazards, Electrical Hazards - Power Outage, Food Safety, General, Generator Safety, Heating Homes, Helping Children cope with Disaster, Helping Families in times of Stress. Mold and Mildew, Power Outage and Flood Resources, Preparedness, Preventing Violence, Storms and Trees, and Kentucky Extension Disaster Education Network.

Emergencies: Are You Prepared? – FAM-RHF.127a - This publication, revised in 2004, deals with various emergencies any family or individual should prepare for, including natural disasters, theft, and sudden illness. Deals with contingency plans, tax records, and getting organized. Provides a detailed checklist of important documents and where each should be kept.

Family Financial Management - Interventions Following a Disaster – Fact sheet with information on financial difficulties that may occur following a disaster.

Grab and Go Box – Disaster Information Resources - Recent natural disasters have emphasized the importance of emergency preparedness.
Everyone should have individual and family evacuation plans in place.It is critical that each family have a planned evacuation arrangement and an evacuation “to-go” box ready for emergencies. Publication made available from the LSU Ag Center.