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December 1998
Clothing Care Labels May Look Different After First of Year
Don't Let Credit Card Thief Ruin Your Holiday Cheer
Tips on Buying Firewood
Deer Control, Migrant Labor on Agenda for Fruit & Vegetable Growers Meeting
Reducing Risks of Cancer
Raising Dairy Heifers
Beneficial Insects (with photos)
Farmers Markets Popular
Shopping for Safe Toys
Home Fire Prevention
Taking Care of Yourself
Kentucky Farm Producers Urged to Participate in Watershed Discussions
Wheat Workshop January 7
YEAR 2000

November 1998
Ag Economists to Farmers: Plan for April Taxes Now
Hog Prices Fall Precipitously; Optimism Weak
Web Site Available for Farmers to Learn About Managing Risk
Stripping Tobacco: How Many Grades This Year?
Tanner Named Assistant Director
Agricultural Researchers Working to Combat a Devastating Disease of Wheat and Barley
Keeping Firewood Pests Out in the Cold This Season
Fall Garden Cleanup
Similarities Between Firewood and Fine Wine?
Kentucky Tobacco Sales Expected to Top $900 Million
Flowering Ornamentals in Fall May Mean Fewer Blossoms This Spring
Cud Chewing and Butter Prices: A Strange but True Relationship

October 1998
Agricultural Scientist's Research Welcomes Bats to Kentucky
Lady Beetles Are Swarming--What Should People Do?
Collins Receives UK Advisor Award
Economist Sees New Industry for Farmers: Environmentalists for Hire
Bats Get a Bad Reputation
Taking Care of Dairy Feet Program Set for November 17
Tips for a Safe Halloween
Consortium Provides $76,000 for Tobacco Research at UK
W.O. Payne Elected to UK Animal Sciences Hall of Fame

September 1998
Yellowjackets Foraging
Staff Awards
To Water Lawn or Not
Drought Sidebar Article
Hemken Wins Award
Hog Producer/COA Enterprises
KNRLI Wins National Award

August 1998
Brown Bag Food Safety
Effects of Freedom to Farm
La Nina
After-School Snacks
Trash Becomes Treasure

July 1998
Diabetes Detection, Prevention
Overweight Children
Cattle Behavior
Tobacco Video

June 1998
Eating Vegetables

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