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December 2001
Grain Outlook Hinges on Continued Demand in a Weaker Economy
2002 Livestock and Dairy Outlook Steady
Adopting Robotic Milking Technology Could Benefit Kentucky Dairies
Winter Wheat Conference Is Jan. 9 in Bowling Green
UK-UT Demonstration Study Emphasizes Holistic, Integrated Approach to Protect Stored Grain from Mold and Insect Pests.
TRY Program Enables Teens to Be Role Models for Youth
Several Factors Affect Burley Tobacco Outlook for New Year
Kentucky Agricultural Products Inspire Holiday Decorations
Gas Prices Take a Dive; May Drop More
Farm Receipts, Net Income Dropped in 2001 and Likely to Remain Lower in 2002
UK Entomology Leader Remembered as World Class Scientist and Scholar
A Passion for Poinsettias
Children Get Chance to Shop For Holiday Gifts for Families
Does Your Grain Harvesting/Handling System Need Retooling to Avoid Harvest Delays next Year?
UK Ag Economist Projects Produce Market Expansion in 2002
Extension Diversity Network Supports Minority Agents

November 2001
County Conversations Bring Youth And Adults Together
New Ag Research Dean Stresses Science Applications to Help Kentucky
Fall a Good Time to Prevent Tulip and Daffodil Disease
Dark Tobacco Research Aims For Improved Varieties
Driverless Tractors Save Time, Money
Environmental Camp Proves Beneficial
Kentucky Fruit and Vegetable Conference and Trade Show Set for January
Fertilizer Recommendations Reviewed by UK Agronomists
Farm Land Values Continue to Increase
Opportunities for Organic Producers Remain Strong
UK Offers PSA's to Help with Sept. 11 Grieving and Healing
Fall Good Time for Soil Testing; UK Lab Offers Professional Expertise
Hydrangeas May Offer Additional Income to Kentucky Growers
Sport Fishing Returns to Kentucky 4-H
Women In Ag Conference Emphasizes Teamwork, Leadership
Market Access a Key to Maintaining Kentucky's Pork Industry
UK Announces New Leader For Cooperative Extension
UK Specialist Suggests Farm Families Monitor Finances to Reduce Debt
UK Studying Soybean Aphids, A Pest New to the State
Burley Price Outlook Favorable For Contract and Auction Sales
Four Rivers Women's Conference Focuses on Business Needs
Managing for Maximum Grazing Season

October 2001
4-H Members Hope Quilts Can Provide Some Comfort
Price Decline in Cattle Markets Typical
Top 10 Reminders for Stored Grain Managers
Tax Seminars Update Preparers With Many Changes
Trees, Trails,and Creatures Teaches Youth About Nature
4-H'ers Participate in Engineering Event
New Deadline for Extension Intern Program
Grow It, Eat It, Wear It Teaches 5th Graders Agriculture Basics
IFYE Program Teaches 4-H'ers About Culture
Youth Issues Conference Draws Top Ky 4-hers
Determining Land Use an Issue in Many Communities
Peak Time to View Fall Colors Upcoming
Hall's Prairie Dedication Represents First for Kentucky
Economic Outlook Positive and Negative for Ky. Farmers
Environmental Education High Priority in Campbell County
Floating White Ropy Strands Cause Stir- Probably from Woolly Aphids but There Are Other "Floaters" Now, Too
Meet the Final Candidates For Associate Dean for Extension
Pierce's Disease Found in Ky. Grapes
Western Kentucky Company Connects Agriculture to Today's Technology
Apple Cider a Fall Favorite
Corn Crop Looking to Rival Bin Busting Years
Winter Wheat Plantings Likely to Level Off
Small Farm Field Day Focuses on Farm Accident Prevention

September 2001
Certified Preconditioned for Health Calf Sales Aid Image of State's Beef Cattle Industry
UK Hosts Fall Lambing School
Field Day Teaches Youths Lessons of The Forest
Survey Results Will Enable MRLS Risk Management Plans
No-till Tobacco Production Aids in Soil Conservation
Cooperative Extension Helping Local Women Live Longer Lives
Water Quality Plan Deadline Approaching
Know Quality of Hay You Purchase For Dairy Herd
Edible Soybean Project Continues to Make Inroads
Explore New Farm Enterprises and Opportunities at November Meeting
Important Fall Forage Reminders
Preparing Equipment For Corn Harvest

August 2001
Paducah to Be Site of Quality Fishing Pond Demonstration
Take Care When Fumigating Grain for Delivery
Goat Seminars Set for Both Ends of Kentucky
4-H Country Ham Contest Is More than a Taste Test
State 4-H Bicycle Safety Rodeo Emphasizes Lifetime Safety Skills
4-H Dog Show Provides Many Levels of Competition
Dairy Show Brings Family Together
County Feeds Children with Help of Community Volunteers
4-H Land Judging Contest Provides Knowledge for a Lifetime
McConnell Announces Federal Grants For UK Agricultural Research
Quilts Provide a Bit of Warmth for Seriously Ill Children
4-H Competitors Nearly Hit "Grand Slam" at KY State Fair Sale of Champions
Awareness Is Key to Protecting Livestock From Spoiled Silage, Hay, and Grain
UK Ag Weather Center Allows Kentuckians to ôOwn the Weatherö
UK Forage Specialist Discusses Concerns for Summer Grasses
Project Provides Fresh Corn for Inmates, Information for Researchers
Fertilizer Prices Likely to Remain at Current Levels
UK Dairy Specialist Offers Risk Management Tip
KPAN Gives Farmers Networking Opportunities
Community Garden Provides Learning Experience for Youth
Field Day Stop Highlights Animal Manure Use on Crop Production

July 2001
Rot Can Cause Bitter Harvest in Ky Apple Orchards
Child Safety on Farms Should Be Top Priority
County Agents Say Variety Tests Are Important
New Disease Threatens Daylilies in Kentucky
Kentucky State Fair Features New Activities For 4-H Youth & Families
West Kentucky Aquaculture Processing Plant up and Running
New Chairman Named For UK Animal Science Department
Familiarity With Labor Regulations Helps Prevent Problems on Farms
Choosing the Right Mineral for Beef Cattle An Essential Part of Their Nutritional Needs
Project Seeks Right Nitrogen Rates
Research Project Teamed UK College of Agriculture, NASA and Private Industry
Robinson Field Day Marks 75th Anniversary
Variety Performance Trials Give Farmers Needed Information
UK Web Site Keeps Tobacco Farmers Updated
Robinson Station Field Day Offers Women and Youth Programs

June 2001
Managing Black Cherry Trees Around Livestock
Farmers Markets Benefit Growers And Customers
This Year's Corn Crop Seeing Uneven Growth
UK Specialist Offers Recommendations for Long-range Beef Planning
Tobacco Field Curing Structure Plans Now Cover Metal Roof Construction
Nitrogen Trials Look to Determine Optimum Economic Rate
Field Day Celebrates UK Station's 75th Anniversary
UK Project Highlights Low-cost, Multiple Use Equipment for Small Farmers
UK Hosts 4-H Horse Special Event
Produce Marketing Opportunities Varied
Wheat Yielding Better than Expected

May 2001
UK Hosts 25th Annual Ewe Profit School
UK Lab Feels Strongly Horse Disease Not Viral
Dry Weather Starting to Impact Farm Crops
Horse Farm Survey Results Show 79 Percent Pregnancy Rate
Extensive Team Effort Driving Search for Cause of Mare Reproductive Loss Syndrome
Armyworms Moving Across the State
Pastures May or May Not Hold Key to Mare Syndrome
Research Update Provided at UK Wheat Field Day
How High Will Gas Prices Go?
Ky Pastures Now Clear of Mare Syndrome Suspects, First Cutting Hay Needs Inspection
UK Ag Engineering Building Named in Honor of Retired College of Ag Dean
New Marketing Opportunity For Progressive Beef Producers
Square-Foot Gardens Ideal For Small Volume Growers
Water Trees and Shrubs Carefully During Drought
Vegetable IPM Program Provides Educational Benefits to Growers
Freeze Damage Showing up In Some Wheat Fields
UK Equine Scientists Investigating Cause of Mystery Mare Disease
UK Requests Hay, Feed, Colostrum, Manure Samples for Ongoing Mare Reproductive Loss Syndrome Studies
UK Sheep Field Day Will Highlight Disease Prevention
Cyanide Implicated in Foal Losses
UK Wheat Field Day Is May 15 in Princeton
Ohio County Celebrates the Child
Newly-hired UK Beef Program Team Will Assist Local Producers, Agents

April 2001
Lloyd's of London Continues Support of Uk Equine Publication
Eastern Tent Caterpillar Invades Kentucky Landscapes
Kentucky Slips Deeper into Moderate Hydrologic Drought
UK Ag College to Host International Equine Meeting
Prevention Key to Keeping Foot and Mouth at Bay
Two Prominent Livestock Diseases Have Different Causes And Effects
Farmers Should Base Use of Genetically Modified Grains on What Buyers Will Accept
Grain in Storage Needs Proper Care
Accident Reinforces Teen's Appreciation of 4-H Safety Rules
Heritage Foods Bring Extension Homemakers Back to Basics
Asian Lady Beetles Will Soon Head Outdoors
Spring Time to Think about Renewing Coggins Test
University of Kentucky Researchers Explore Novel Applications of Plant Leaf Surfaces
Fruit Growers Face Tough Battle with San Jose Scale
Small Fruits Offer Potential To Kentucky Growers
Expect Lower Quality Soybean Seed this Planting Season
Public Policy Project Aims to Improve Cooperation, Give Greater Voice to the Public
Computer Program Aids in Herbicide Treatment Decisions

March 2001
UK Extension Agent Develops Program To Help Farmers Develop Water Quality Plans
Wellness Program Focuses on Women
Planting Alfalfa after Alfalfa Can Cause Production Problems
KY 4-H Horse Clubs Can "Adopt-a-STAR"
Cattle Bred Prior to High Summer Temperatures Have Higher Reproduction Performance
Bull Sale Will Provide Detailed Information
Cow College Continues Successful Tradition 2000
Pest Not Grave Concern For KY Elk Population
IPM for Home Landscapes Detailed In New Instructional Video
International Programs Introduce World to UK Ag Students, Faculty
UK Biosystems/Ag Engineering Student Named NSF Fellow
UK Shearing School Set for April 2,3
Management Training Addresses Small Farm Business Situations
UK Lab Tests for Nutrient Levels in Animal Waste
Alfalfa Conference Draws Farmers From Several States
Enterprise Program Still Remains Strong
Cold Temperatures May Damage Wheat

February 2001
Irrigation School Is Feb. 23 in Henderson
Producers Launch Kentucky Precision Ag Network
La Nina, La Nada, El NinoàWhat?
Seminar Encourages Adults To Help Motivate Youth Leaders
Safety Day Aimed at Children and Adults
Meetings to Focus on Storing Quality Grain
Conference Focuses On Alfalfa Production
Feeding "Haylage" Working Well for Some Producers
KY in Expansion Phase Of Cattle Cycle
Dairy Conference to Focus on New and Growing Opportunities
Ag Expo Attracts Hundreds
Video Details Pest Management for Golf Course Trees and Shrubs
2001 IPM Training Includes Computerized Decision Aid
Baled Silage Offers Farmers High Quality Feed
Timber Industry Affected by Economy
New Book Helps Local Governments Navigate the Net
Warm Season Grasses Offer Longer Forage Opportunities
Web Can Be Useful Marketing Tool for Produce Growers
Utilization and Management Affect Weed Control in Pastures
High Nitrogen Prices Have Farmers Looking for Savings

January 2001
Knowing Water Quality Basics Makes Wells & Cisterns Safer
White Wheat May Be Viable Crop for Kentucky Farmers
Crop Rotation Important Part of Farming
Keys to Forage Profitability
KY Farm Women Look to the Future
Garden Guru Program Provides Information and Plants
Ag Expo Offers Farmers Look at Latest Information
New UK Ag Dean Stresses Connection Between Knowledge And Application
UK Specialist Offers Tools to Protect Farmland and Open Space
New Year Good Time to Evaluate Management Strategy
Cooking Class for Mentally Challenged Focuses on Nutrition
UK to Host Lambing School Feb 7
UK Specialist Offers Winter Horse Care Tips

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