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Plant Biochemistry & Genetics

B.S. in Agronomy, University of Maryland (1977)

B.S. in Chemistry, University of Maryland (1977)

M.S. in Plant Breeding and Genetics, University of Illinois (1980)

Ph.D. in Plant Breeding and Genetics, University of Illinois (1982)

My research program emphasizes the general area of plant biochemistry and genetics and the application of biotechnology to crop improvement with particular emphasis on food, lipid and oil quality, new uses of agricultural commodities and plant pest defense. This research involves the investigation of metabolic pathways and the identification, isolation, cloning and manipulation by plant genetic engineering of agriculturally important genes. A major research thrust is the understanding and manipulation of fatty acid metabolism and triglyceride synthesis. We are changing triglycerides of oilseeds, with emphasis on soybeans, for improved edible and industrial quality.

Junior Fellowship in biomedical research with US-National Institutes of Health (NIH), 1973-1977.

Research Assistant in Plant Physiology, University of Maryland, 1977.

Graduate Research Assistantships, University of Illinois, 1977-1981.

Graduate Fellowships, University of Illinois, 1979, 1980.

Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science Fellowship for work at Kyoto University Research Institute for Food Science, February 1982-August, 1982.




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    Pls609 - Plant Biochemistry; Credits - 3
    The course will consider the chemical constituents of plants (with emphasis on biologically or nutritionally significant compounds unique to plants), their biosynthesis, contribution to key metabolic and defense processes and the regulation of their synthesis. Included will be discussions of photosynthesis, carbohydrates, lipids, isoprenoids and phenylpropanoids, nitrogen fixation, nitrogen and sulfur reduction and assimilation, alkaloids and additional secondary compounds, frontiers in plant biochemistry. Prereq: BCH 607 or equivalent or consent of instructor. (Same as BCH/PPA 609.) .
    Instructors: David F. Hildebrand Ling Yuan

Research/Teaching Publications

    Books and Book Chapters

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    Refereed Journal Articles

    Abdel-Reheem, M., and D. Hildebrand. 2013. Activity of Brassica napus and Perilla frutescens microsomal omega-3 desaturases expressed in yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae). Turkish Journal of Biology 37(5):591–605. Published online: doi:10.3906/biy-1301-32.
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    Authors in PSS Dept.: David F. Hildebrand Hirotada Fukushige
    Jamboonsri, W., T. D. Phillips, R. L. Geneve, J. P. Cahill, and D. Hildebrand. 2012. Extending the range of an ancient crop, Salvia hispanica L.-a new ω3 source. Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution 59(2): 171-178. (Watchareewan Jamboonsri was a PhD student in Plant Physiology)
    Authors in PSS Dept.: David F. Hildebrand Tim Phillips
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    Authors in PSS Dept.: David F. Hildebrand Rebecca McCulley
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    Authors in PSS Dept.: David F. Hildebrand Tim Phillips
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