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Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry

Bioanalytical and Environmental Analytical Chemistry



PhD, Toxicology, The University of Georgia

BS, Biology, Antioch College




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    PLS560 - Environmental Physiology and Toxicology; Credits - 4
    Emphasis will be placed on the physiological and toxicological effects of chemicals on natural biota, including considerations at cellular, organismal, population, and community levels. This will include assimilation and metabolism of pollutants, with emphasis upon biochemical and physiological mechanisms involved in stress-induced responses and stress reduction. Additional areas of concern will include the transport, fate, and effects of chemical stressors on structure and function of biotic populations, communities and ecosystems. The course will also include introductions to ecotoxicology, risk assessment and environmental regulatory strategies..
    Instructors: Jason M. Unrine

Research/Teaching Publications

    Books and Book Chapters

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    Refereed Journal Articles

    Tsyusko, OV; Choi, J; Unrine, JM; Chatterjee, N., Ahn, J-M; Yang XY; Thornton BL; Ryde, IT; Starnes, D; Meyer, JN. 2014. A micro-sized model for the in vivo studies of nanoparticle toxicity: What has Caenorhabditis elegans taught us? Environmental Chemistry 11:227-246.
    Authors in PSS Dept.: Jason M. Unrine Olga Tsyusko
    Collin, B; Oostveen, E; Tsyusko, OV; Unrine, JM 2014. Influence of natural organic matter and surface charge on the toxicity and bioaccumulation of functionalized ceria nanoparticles in Caenorhabditis elegans. Environmental Science and Technology 48:1280-1289.
    Authors in PSS Dept.: Jason M. Unrine Olga Tsyusko Emily Oosteveen Blanche Collin
    Ghezzi, J.; Karathanasis, A.; Matocha, C.; Unrine, J.; Thompson, Y. 2014. Stability of Soil and Biosolid Nanocolloid and Macrocolloid Particles in the Absence and Presence of Arsenic, Selenium, Copper and Lead. Open Journal of Soil Science 4:246.
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    Authors in PSS Dept.: Jason M. Unrine Paul Bertsch Chris Matocha
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    Authors in PSS Dept.: Jason M. Unrine Paul Bertsch Jonathan Judy
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    Authors in PSS Dept.: Jason M. Unrine Paul Bertsch Jonathan Judy
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    Authors in PSS Dept.: Jason M. Unrine Paul Bertsch
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    Authors in PSS Dept.: Jason M. Unrine Olga Tsyusko
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    Authors in PSS Dept.: Jason M. Unrine Paul Bertsch Olga Tsyusko Daniel Starnes
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    Proceedings Publications

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    Other Research Publications

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