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PLS 104 







Plants, Soils, and People: A Global Perspective

Only a few things are essential to life; food is one of them. Agriculture plays a vital role in human food security. Knowledge and application of the principles of plant and soil science can have a dramatic effect on human food security, both locally and globally. Students will gain an understanding of basic principles of plant and soil science and their application to world food production, including an understanding of the relationship between food production and population growth, comparison of traditional and new biotechnological methods of plant improvement, and the relationships between crop production, environmental protection, and food security.


PLS 597 Special Topics in PSS


 Agroecology -- taught with Krista Jacobsen (Horticulture)

A general introduction to ecological principles and processes applied to agricultural ecosystems, including interactions between plants, soils, and animals on population, community and ecosystems scales.


GEN 300 Special Course


 Agriculture and Climate Change -- taught with Dr. George Wagner (Plant and Soil Sciences), Dr. Mary Arthur (Forestry) and Dr. Seth DeBolt (Horticulture)

To stimulate thought/study and learning about the issue of climate change, particularly as it applies to agriculture.





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