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Seed Certification Classes

Seed Certification Classes

Breeder seed (no tag color designation) is that limited amount of seed directly controlled by the plant breeder or institution.

Foundation seed (white tag) is the progeny of breeder seed that is maintained and increased (KY Foundation Seed Project)  to insure specific genetic purity and identity.

Registered seed is usually the progeny of Breeder or Foundation seed that is planted or increased by seedsmen to produce Certified seed.

Certified seed is usually the progeny of Foundation or Registered seed, and is generally sold to and planted by the farmer.

General Certification Requirements



General Certification Standards










Small Grain Standards

                                 S M A L L    G R A I N S

Wheat, Barley, Oats and Rye

Small Grains Standards



Soybean Standards

   S O Y B E A N S

  Soybean Standards



Hybrid Corn

H Y B R I D    C O R N

Hybrid Corn Standards 



Forage and Syrup Sorghums


Sorghum Certification Standards













Tobacco -Standard & Hybrid Variety Standards


Tobacco Standards









Red Clover and Forage Legumes
Forage Grasses


For the following Forage Grass Species:


Tall Fescue


Kentucky Bluegrass









Turfgrass Sod & Vegetatively Propagated Grasses
Hybrid Wheat - Chemically Assisted