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Current Graduate Students


Becca Shelton Dan Weber
 Lindsey Slaughter
Graduate Research Assistant (MS)  Graduate Research Assistant (MS)
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Current Undergraduate Lab Personnel









Past Graduate Students and Post-Doctoral Scholars



Marie Bourguignon-- M.S. 2013. Ecophysiological responses of tall fescue genotypes to endophyte

                     infection and climate change.

     -Currently pursuing a Ph.D. at Iowa State University, Ames, IA.


Ben Leffew -- M.S. 2013.  Efficacy of cool-season pasture renovation to native prairie in the bluegrass

                     bluegrass region of central Kentucky.

      -  Currently the Assistant Property Manager at Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill, Harrodsburg, KY


Dr. Javed Iqbal -- Post-Doctoral Scholar (2009-2011)

  • Currently a Post-Doctoral Scholar at Iowa State University


Cody Burton -- M.S. 2011. Effects of long-term cattle grazing and vegetation type on soil microbial

                      communities in dryland systems.

  • Currently pursuing a PhD at Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA


Sarah Hall -- Ph.D. 2011.  Restoration of tall fescue pastures to native warm-season grasslands: Does a

                   fungal endophyte symbiosis play a role in restoration success?

  • Visiting Assistant Professor of Plant and Soil Sciences, Berea College, Berea, KY.


Glade Brosi -- M.S. 2011.  The response of tall fescue and its fungal endophyte to climate change.

  • Employed in Research & Development for Stemilt Growers, Wenatchee, WA


Jacob Siegrest -- M.S. 2008. The endophyte effect: ecosystem consequences of the tall fescue-fungal

                         endophyte symbiosis.

  • Employed by the US Army Corp of Engineers, Huntington, WV




Past Lab Personnel

Jihan Ahmed--Research Technician (2011-2013)


Luke Box--Undergraduate Student Worker (2011-2013).  Bluegrass Community and Technical College


Eric Kalosa-Kenyon--Suburban Ecology and Invasive Species REU (2013).  Brown University.

       Investigation of the relationships between mycorrhizae, tall fescue, and its fungal endophyte.


Dawn DeColibus--Suburban Ecology and Invasive Species REU (2012). Ohio Northern University (2013).

         Investigation of the tall fescue-fungal endophyte symbiosis in native grassland restoration.


Davis Jackson--B.S. Plant and Soil Science, University of Kentucky (2012)


Dr. Nazia Nahid -- Research Specialist (2010-2011)


Dan Weber -- Undergraduate Research, Univ. of Kansas, Class of 2012.

        Investigation of the reponse of slug herbivory to climate change in a managed hayfield.


Marlène Erst -- ENESAD, Dijon, France (2011)


Allison Cooke -- Undergraduate Research B.S. Biology, Transylvania University, 2011.

        Does climate change affect forage quality of Kentucky pastures?


Katie Harvey -- REU (2010), B.S. Univ of KY, 2011.

        Understanding the drivers of dryland decomposition in the desert southwest.


Alex Breton -- ENESAD, Dijon, France (2010)


Jarred Earnest -- Undergraduate Research, B.S. Chemistry, Asbury College, 2010.

        Climate change effects on plant biomass production in a managed hayfield in central Kentucky.


Payton May --Undergraduate, Architecture, Univ. of Kentucky (2010)


Brian Bennett -- Undergraduate Research, B.S. Biology/Secondary Education, Asbury College, 2008.

        Tall fescue endophyte infection frequency in managed, native grassland restorations.


Dr. Maria Almagro-Bonmati -- Visiting Scholar, CEBAS-CSIC, Murcia, Spain


Jessica Ballard -- B.S. Sustainable Agriculture, Univ. of Kentucky, 2009


Katie Routt -- B.S. Ag Biotechnology, Univ. of Kentucky, 2009


Amael Gy -- ENESAD, Dijon, France (2009)


Rachel Smith -- University of Manitoba, Class of 2013.





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