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Water Quality



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Research/Teaching Publications

    Refereed Journal Articles

    Wilson, H.N., M.A. Arthur, A. Schorgendorfer, R.D. Paratley, B.D. Lee, and R.W. McEwan. 2013. Site characteristics as predictors of Lonicera maackii and other invasive plants in second growth forests of central Kentucky, USA. Natural Areas Journal 33:189198.
    Wilson, M.A., S.J. Indorante, B.D. Lee, L.R. Follmer, D.R. Williams, W.M. McCauley, J.D. Bathgate, and J.M. Kabrick. 2013. Soil geochemistry of loess landscapes, Shawnee Hills, southern Illinois, United States. Soil Science Society of America Journal 77:12691283. Published online: doi:10.2136/sssaj2013.02.0051.
    Wilson, M.A., S.J. Indorante, B.D. Lee, L. Follmer, D.R. Williams, B.C. Fitch, W.M. McCauley, J.D., Bathgate, D.A. Grimley, and K. Kleinschmidt. 2010. Location and expression of fragic soil properties in a loess-covered landscape, southern Illinois, USA. Geoderma 154:529‐543.
    de Koff, J.P., B.D. Lee, and R.S. Dungan. 2009. Effects of physical strength of waste foundry sand on growth following compost or gypsum amendment. Journal of Environmental Quality 39:375-383.
    Hamilton, N.J., B. Mijatovic, T.G. Mueller, B.D. Lee, B.W. Kew, H. Cetin, and A.D. Karathanasis. 2009. Google Earth dissemination of soil survey derived interpretations for landuse planning. Journal of Extension. Published online:
    Authors in PSS Dept.: Brad D. Lee Tasios Karathanasis Tom Mueller Blazan Mijatovic