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Extension Publications

This Information is for Everyone

Here you will find publications written for extension purposes.

This page is a list of linked documents written for extension. This list will continue to grow and typically have annual additions to each topic.

Links to Extension Publications (all files are PDF unless otherwise noted)

Links to Hazard Tree Workshop Presentations (PDF files)

These are the PowerPoint presentations delivered by Dave Leonard at the Hazard Tree Workshop held Sept. 22, 2011 on the University of Kentucky campus.

Link to Best Current Non-Crop Recommendations for Control of Noxious and Nuisance Weeds


Your Input

We support a variety of end-users, from industrial, state and local agencies, and private landowners.  We want the information contained in this website to be beneficial.  If you have questions about the information here, or ideas or concerns on future needs, please contact Joe Omielan (

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