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Listed here are the faculty and staff in the Weed Science Group. Click the name for contact information.

Areas of specialty are listed below the persons name. Hyperlinks to lab or unit page as available.

photo of Michael Barrett

Michael Barrett - Professor

Research: Mechanisms of herbicide selectivity, resistance, and mode of action. Graduate Advisor.

photo of Sara Carter

Sara Carter - Research Analyst

Research: Grain crop weed control.

photo of J.D. Green

J.D. Green - Professor

Extension: Weed Science. Graduate Advisor.

photo of Ted Hicks

Ted Hicks - Research Analyst

Research: Grain crop weed control.

photo of James Martin

James Martin - Professor

Extension: Weed Science (Princeton). Graduate Advisor.

photo of Karen Meekins

Karen Meekins - Research Analyst

Research: Herbicide and plant interactions.

photo of Pedro Moares

Pedro Moares - Post Doctoral Scholar

Research: Weed - crop interactions.

photo of Charles Slack

Charles Slack - Research Specialist

Research: Grain crop weed control research and development.

photo of Charles Slack

Charles R. Tutt - Research Specialist


Photo of William Witt

William Witt - Professor

Research/Extension: Weed control in equine and beef pastures and non-crop areas (NC&IVM site). Graduate Advisor.

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