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Weed Science - Emphasis Areas

Emphasis Areas

Emphasis Areas

There are several areas of emphasis within the Weed Science Group. Staff and Faculty specializations listed are assigned by major emphasis to help visitors to this site find the information they need from the most likely person. However, it should be noted that we encourage multi-disciplinary efforts across areas of emphasis to increase efficiency of our resources and greater serve our constituents.


Mission: The Weed Science Group is heavily involved in undergraduate and graduate education through participation in teaching formal courses at the undergraduate and graduate level, graduate advising, and undergraduate mentoring.
People: Michael Barrett, JD Green, James Martin (Princeton), Charles Slack, William Witt


Mission: Information dissemination and outreach activities to provide education on general principles of weed management strategies in the crops and sites of Kentucky.  The majority of this effort is by extension specialists but researchers are also heavily involved in outreach programs. 
People: Michael Barrett, JD Green, James Martin (Princeton), Charles Slack, William Witt

Grain Crop Weed Control

Mission: Develop strategies for management of weeds in corn, soybean, wheat, and grain sorghum.  This includes herbicide evaluation for weed control and crop response, tilled and no-till comparisons, weed biology, and herbicide persistence in soil. 
People: Sara Carter, JD Green, Ted Hicks, James Martin (Princeton), Charles Slack, Charles Tutt, William Witt

Herbicide Selectivity, Resistance, and Metabolism

Mission: Weed and crop response from herbicides at the molecular level to the field is the basis for this fundamental research.
People: Michael Barrett, Karen Meekins

Non-Crop & Invasive Vegetation Management

Mission: Research on invasive species related to non-crop sites leads to the development of educational material for outreach activities.
People: Michael Barrett, William Witt

Pasture and Forage Weed Management

Mission: Develop weed management strategies in cool and warm season grass pastures and hay crops.
People: JD Green, Pedro Moares, Charles Slack, William Witt,

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We support a variety of end-users, including industrial, state and local agencies, and private landowners. We want the information contained in this web site to be useful. If you have questions or concerns about the information here, or ideas and future needs, please contact William Witt (

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