Research Accomplishment Reports 2008


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Research Accomplishment Reports for 2008


KY004026 Debertin, D. L.
Impacts of Social Capital on the Economic Development and Well-Being of Rural Areas

KY004030 Dillon, C.
The Economics of Precision Agricultural Machinery Management

KY004031 Freshwater, D., Debertin, D., Davis, A.
Rural Change: Markets, Governance and Quality of Life

 KY004032 Hu, W.
Nanotechnology and Biosensors

KY004027 Maynard, L. J.
Consumer Choice Regarding Food and Health

KY004023 Pagoulatos, A 
Ex-post Evaluations of Environmental Projects that Affect Kentucky Agriculture and Rural Communities

KY004025 Pushkarskaya, H. N.
Family Firms and Policy

KY004022 Reed, M. R.  
Effects of Policy and Product Changes on the International Demand for US Agricultural Products

KY004029 Reed, M. R., Freshwater, D.
Impacts of Trade and Domestic Policies on the Competitiveness and Performance of Southern Agriculture

KY004028 Saghaian, S. H.
The Impact of Food Safety Scares on the Food Supply Chain in an Environment of Highly Integrated Monopolistically Competitive Agriculture