Research Accomplishment Reports 2008

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Research Accomplishment Reports for 2008

KY007054 Aaron, D. K.; Ely, D. G. 
Grading-Up to Hair Sheep Genetics in a Low-Input Production System

KY007047 Boatright, W. L.     
Characterization of Enzyme(s) Associated with Sulfur Assimilation Type Reactions in Soy Protein Products

KY007058 Cantor, A. H., Pescatore, A. J.   
Nutritional and Management Abatement Strategies for Improvement of Poultry Air and Water Quality

KY099010 Cromwell, G. L.; Grove, J.
Animal Manure and Waste Utilization, Treatment and Nuisance Avoidance for a Sustainable Agriculture

KY007040 Harmon, D. L.; McLeod, K. R.       
Assessment and Implications of Carbohydrate Utilization in the Small Intestine of Beef Cattle

KY007043  Hennig, B.; Toborek, M. 
Nutritional Modulation of the Vascular Endothelium

KY007046    Hicks, C. L.
Development of Peptides to Enhance Cheese Production and Bio-active Probes

KY007059 Lawrence, L. M.     
Factors Affecting Forage Intake and Utilization by Horses

KY007041 Lindemann, M. D.; Aaron, D. K.  
Nutritional Systems For Swine To Increase Reproductive Efficiency

KY007057 Matthews, J. C.; Boling, J. A.
Regulated Expression of Genes/Proteins Critical to Anionic Amino Acid N Metabolism by Developing and Aging Beef Cattle

KY007064 McAllister, A.J.
Genetic Selection and Crossbreeding to Enhance Reproduction and Survival of Dairy Cattle

KY007061 McLeod, K. R.       
Metabolic Relationships in Supply of Nutrients for Lactating Cows

KY007060 Newman, M. C.      
Enteric Diseases of Swine and Cattle: Prevention, Control and Food Safety

KY007063 Newman, M. C.      
S1033: Control of Food-Borne Pathogens in Pre- and Post-Harvest Environments

KY007035 Schillo, K. K.; Silvia, W. J. 
Assessment and Regulation of Sexual Behavior in Beef Bulls

KY007062 Silvia, W. J.
Methods to Increase Reproductive Efficiency in Cattle

KY007044 Silvia, W. J.; Schillo, K. K. 
Regulation of Estrous Behavior in Dairy Cows

KY007055 Strobel, H. J.
Post-Genomic Characterization of Anaerobic Bacterial Metabolism

KY007056 Suman, S. 
Elucidating Aldehyde-induced Redox Instability in Carboxymyoglobin

KY007042 Thrift, F. A. 
Genetic (Co) Variance of Parasite Resistance, Temperament and Production Traits of Traditional and Non-Bos Indicus Tropically Adapted Breed

KY007053 Vanzant, E. S.        
Nitrogen Cycling, Loading, and Use Efficiency in Forage-Based Livestock Production Systems

KY007050 Xiong, Y. L.
Antioxidative Properties of Hydrolyzed Protein in Muscle Foods

KY0XIONG Xiong, Y. L.
Role of Protein Oxidation in Water-binding and Hydration of Meat

KY007038 Xiong, Y. L.; Alderton, A. L.
Mechanism of Oxidation-Induced Functionally Changes of Myofibrillar Protein