Research Accomplishment Reports 2008

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Research Accomplishment Reports for 2008


KY008033 Bessin, R. T.
A National Agricultural Program to Clear Pest Control Agents for Minor Uses

KY008032 Brown, G. C.
Research and Development Leading to an Integrated Mosquito Management Program for Kentucky

KY008037 Dobson, S. L.
S1029 Improved Methods to Combat Mosquitoes and Crop Pests in Rice Fields

KY008044 Dobson, S. L.
Mosquitoes, Disease & Public Health

KY008036 Fox, C. W.
Inbreeding and the Fitness Consequences of Colonizing Novel Environments in Herbivorous Insects

KY8040 Harwood, J. D.
Biological Control in Pest Management Systems of Plants

KY8043 Harwood, J. D.
Effects of Prey Biodiversity on Pest Regulation by Generalist Predators

KY0HARWOOD Harwood, J. D.; Obrycki, J. J.
Tracking the Movements of Transgenic Toxins Through Complex Food Webs

KY008025 Haynes, K. F.
Potential for Evolution of Resistance to Synthetic Pheromone

KY008046 Haynes, K. F.
Bed Bug Biology and Behavior

KY008035 Obrycki, J.
Ecology and Management of European Corn Borer and Other Lepidopteran Pests of Corn

KY0OBRYCKI Obrycki, J. J., Haynes, K. F.
Intraguild Predation Among Aphidophagous Lady Beetles

KY0PALLI Palli, S. R.
Molecular Analysis of Juvenile Hormone Action in Heliothis virescens

KY0PALLI07 Palli, S. R.
Functional Genomics Studies on Nuclear Receptors: Target Sites for Insecticide Development and Resistance Management

KY008028  Palli, S. R.
Molecular Analysis of Pest Development and Resistance to Insecticides

KY008031 Potter, D. A.
Biology and Management of Insects Attacking Turf and Woody Landscape Plants

KY008026 Rieske-Kinney, L. K.
Herbivory in Deciduous Forests:Implications for Forest Regeneration and Restoration

KY008039 Rieske-Kinney, L. K.
Biological Improvement, Habitat Restoration, and Horticultural Development of Chestnut by Management of Populations, Pathogens, and Pests

KY008034 Rieske-Kinney, L. K.; Baker, F. A.; Cook, S.; Bentz, B.; Harrington, T. C.; Bonello, P.; Jacobi, W.; Wood, D.; Raffa, K. F.
Interactions among Bark Beetles, Pathogens, and Conifers in North American Forests

KY008041 Sharkey, M. J.
Phylogeny and Biodiversity of Hymenopteran Biological Control Agents

KY8042 Webb, B. A.
Genomic Approaches to Analyses of Immune-suppressive Genes of the Campoletis sonorensis Polydnavirus

KY0-WEBB Webb, B. A.; Govind, S.
The Regulation of Innate Immune Responses to Endoparasites in Lepidopteran and Dipteran Larvae

KY008038 Yeargan, K. V.
Biological Control of Arthropod Pests and Weeds

KY008045 Yeargan, K. V.
Biology, Impact, and Management of Soybean Insect Pests in Soybean Production Systems