Research Accomplishment Reports 2008

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Research Accomplishment Reports for 2008


Agricultural  Economics

KY004026 Debertin, D. L.
Impacts of Social Capital on the Economic Development and Well-Being of Rural Areas

KY004030 Dillon, C.
The Economics of Precision Agricultural Machinery Management

KY004027 Maynard, L. J.
Consumer Choice Regarding Food and Health    

KY004023 Pagoulatos, A.
Ex-post Evaluations of Environmental Projects that Affect Kentucky Agriculture and Rural Communities

KY004022 Reed, M. R.
Effects of Policy and Product Changes on the International Demand for US Agricultural Products

KY004028 Saghaian, S. H.
The Impact of Food Safety Scares on the Food Supply Chain in an Environment of Highly Integrated Monopolistically Competitive Agriculture and


Animal & Food Sciences

KY007054 Aaron, D. K.; Ely, D. G. 
Grading-Up to Hair Sheep Genetics in a Low-Input Production System  

KY007047 Boatright, W. L.
Characterization of Enzyme(s) Associated with Sulfur Assimilation Type Reactions in Soy Protein Products

KY007046 Hicks, C. L.
Development of Peptides to Enhance Cheese Production and Bio-active Probes

KY007059 Lawrence, L. M.
Factors affecting forage intake and utilization by horses

KY007057 Matthews, J. C.; Boling, J. A.
Regulated Expression of Genes/Proteins Critical to Anionic Amino Acid N Metabolism by Developing and Aging Beef Cattle

KY007044 Silvia, W. J.; Schillo, K. K.
Regulation of Estrous Behavior in Dairy Cows

KY007056 Suman, S.
Elucidating Aldehyde-induced Redox Instability in Carboxymyoglobin

KY007050 Xiong, Y. L.
Antioxidative Properties of Hydorlyzed Protein in Muscle Foods


Biosystems & Agricultural Engineering

KY099009 Shearer, S. A.; Stombaugh, T. S.; Dillon, C. R.
Precision Placement of Crop Production Inputs via Distributed Control 

KY005023 Wells, L. G., Murdock, L., Stombaugh, T.
Soil Productivity as Affected by Mechanical Influence

KY005025 Workman, S. R.
Stream/Aquifer Interface: Understanding the Riparian Corridor



KY008032 Brown, G. C. 
Research and Development Leading to an Integrated Mosquito Management Program for Kentucky

KY008036 Fox, C. W.
Inbreeding and the Fitness Consequences of Colonizing Novel Environments in Herbivorous Insects 

KY008043 Harwood, J. D.
Effects of prey biodiversity on pest regulation by generalist predators

KY008046 Haynes, K. F.
Bed Bug Biology and Behavior  

KY008028 Palli, S. R.
Molecular Analysis of Pest Development and Resistance to Insecticides

KY008031 Potter, D. A.
Biology and Management of Insects Attacking Turf and Woody Landscape Plants

KY008041 Sharkey, M. J.
Phylogeny and Biodiversity of Hymenopteran Biological Control Agents

KY008042 Webb, B. A. 
Genomic approaches to analyses of immune-suppressive genes of the Campoletis sonorensis polydnavirus



KY011027 Archbold, D.
Regulation of  Expression and Activity of Sorbitol Dehydrogenase in Apple

KY011018 Buxton, J. W.
Optimizing the Water and Air Relationship and Nutrient Concentration in a Controlled Water Table Irrigated Container Growing Medium

KY011020 Geneve, R. L.
The Role of Ethylene and Polyamine Interaction in the Time to Radicle Protrusion during Seed Germination

KY011019 Houtz, R. L.
Mechanism and Significance of Post-Translational Modifications in the Large (LS) and Small (SS) Subunits of Rubisco          

KY011026 Ingram, D.; Van Sanford, D.; Dillon, C. 
New Horicultural and Grain Crop Opportunities for Kentucky        

KY011022 Snyder, J.
Spider Mite Resistance Mechanisms in Lycopersicon hirsutum


Human Environmental Sciences

KY010008 Chow, C. K.
Antioxidant Nutrients, Reactive Oxygen Species and Oxidative Stress


Plant Pathology

KY012028 Farman, M. L.
Genes Controlling Invasive Growth in the Rice Blast Fungus Magnaporthe oryzae

KY0-12019 Goodin, M. M.
Genomics, Molecular Biology and Cell Biology of Sonchus yellow net virus, a plant rhabdovirus

KY012027 Kachroo,A.
Dissecting Defense Signaling Pathways in Soybean and Arabidopsis

KY012023 Nagy, P. D.
Defining RNA and Protein Factors Affecting Tombusvirus Replication     

KY012025 Schardl, C. L.
Genomics of fungal endophytes and their host grasses

KY012024 Vaillancourt, L. J.           
Molecular Genetics of the Interaction between Corn and Corn Stalk Rot Fungi (Colletotrichum graminicola and Gibberella zeae 


Plant and Soil Sciences

KY006046 Baskin, C.           
Seed germination ecology of Hawaiian montane species

KY006059 Coyne, M. S.
Effect of Urease Inhibitors on Volatile N Loss From Soil and Other N Transformations

KY006056 D'Angelo, E. M.
Fate, Transport, and Ecological Effects of Livestock Antibiotics in Manure-Amended Agroecosystems

KY006058 Dougherty, C. T. 
Spatial and Temporal Characteristics of Grassland Agroecosystems

KY006048 Egli, D. B.
Regulation of reproductive sink size in soybean (Glycine max L. Merrill)

KY006049 Kumudini, S.
Identification of Soybean flowering Pathway Genes Using E Gene Near Isogenic Lines

KY006050 Lee, C. 
Determining Impact of Lower Soybean Plant Populations on Other Practices within the Soybean Production System

KY006045 McCulley, R. L.
Endophyte Effects on the Structure and Function of Tall Fescue Pasture

KY006047 Perry, S. E. 
Regulation of Gene Expression during Plant Embryogenesis

KY006053 Tang, G.
Roles of MicroRNA Structures in Plant RNA Silencing

KY006060 VanSanford, D. A., Bruening, W. P.
Performance of Small Grain Varieties in Kentucky

KY006055 Wagner, G.
Metabolic Studies and Bioengineering of Plant Trichomes Towards Enhancing Pest/Disease Resistance and Facilitating Molecular Farming

KY006054 Williams, D. W.; Powell, A. J.
Turfgrass Management Practices in Kentucky

KY006051 Witt, W. W.
Development of Weed Management Strategies in Agronomic Crops

KY006057 Zhu, H. 
Positional cloning and characterization of RCT1, an anthracnose resistance gene in Medicago


Veterinary Science

KY014027 Balasuriya, U.
Molecular Basis of Attenuation of the Modified Live Virus Vaccine Strain of Equine Arteritis

KY014028 Chambers, T.; Horohov, D.
Innate Immune Responses to Influenza Virus Infection

KY014031 Fitzgerald, B. P.
Insulin Resistance in the Horse: Induction, Duration and Effects on the Estrous Cycle of the Mare

KY014021 Horohov, D. W.; Chambers, T.           
The Effect of Aging on the Immune Response of Horses

KY014033 Horohov, D. W.
Interferon Gamma Regulation in the Foal

KY014026 Howe, D. K.
Investigation of the SnSAG Gene Family of Surface Antigens in the Coccidian Parasite Sarcocystis neurona 

KY014025 Issel, C. J.; Cook, R. F.; Cook, S. J.
Control of Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA)

KY014015 Lyons, E. T.
Molecular Mechanisms, Ecology, and Control of Natural Infections of Equids and Ruminants by Drug-Resistant Internal Parasites

KY014032 Lyons, E. T.
Control, Transmission, and Prevalence of Natural Infections of Internal Parasites of Equids and Ruminants

KY014024 MacLeod, J. N.
Cartilage-Specific Fibronectin Isoform     

KY014016 McDowell, K. J.          
Pregnancy Maintenance in Mares

KY014020 Swerczek, T. W.
Evaluation of Bacterial Endophytes of Grass and Legume Forages as Emerging Casuses of Reproductive Loss  

KY014029 Tobin, T.  
High Sensitivity Analytical/Toxicological Approaches to Problems in Equine Medicine


Hatch MultiState

Agricultural Economics

KY004031 Freshwater, D., Debertin, D., Davis, A.
Rural Change: Markets, Governance and Quality of Life

KY004032 Hu, W.
Nanotechnology and Biosensors

KY004025 Pushkarskaya, H. N.
Family Firms and Policy


Animal & Food Sciences

KY007058 Cantor, A. H., Pescatore, A. J.   
Nutritional and Management Abatement Strategies for Improvement of Poultry Air and Water Quality

KY099010 Cromwell, G. L.; Grove, J.
Animal Manure and Waste Utilization, Treatment and Nuisance Avoidance for a Sustainable Agriculture

KY007041 Lindemann, M. D.; Aaron, D. K.
Nutritional Systems For Swine To Increase Reproductive Efficiency

KY007064 McAllister, A. J.
Genetic Selection and Crossbreeding to Enhance Reproduction and Survival of Dairy Cattle

KY007061 McLeod, K. R.       
Metabolic Relationships in Supply of Nutrients for Lactating Cows

KY007063 Newman, M.
S1033: Control of Food-Borne Pathogens in Pre- and Post-Harvest Environments

KY007060 Newman, M. C.
Enteric Diseases of Swine and Cattle: Prevention, Control and Food Safety

KY007062 Silvia, W. J.
Methods to Increase Reproductive Efficiency in Cattle

KY007042 Thrift, F. A. 
Genetic (Co) Variance of Parasite Resistance, Temperament and Production Traits of Traditional and Non-Bos Indicus Tropically Adapted Breed

KY007053 Vanzant, E. S.
Nitrogen Cycling, Loading, and Use Efficiency in Forage-Based Livestock Production Systems

Biosystems & Agricultural Engineering

KY005020 Gates, R. S., Duncan, G., Anderson, R. G., Geneve, R., Buxton, J. 
Developing and Integrating Components for Commercial Greenhouse Production System

KY005026 Gates, R. S. 
Stress Factors of Farm Animals and Their Effects on Performance

KY099008 Gates, R. S.; Overhults, D. G.; Pescatore, A. J.; Fehr, R. E.
Systems for Controlling Air Pollutant Emissions and Indoor Environments of Poultry, Swine and Dairy Facilities

KY005027 Nokes, S. E.
Wood Utilization Research on US Biofuels, Bioproducts, hybrid biomaterials Composites Production, and Traditional Forest Products

KY005024 Payne, F. A.
Improvement of Thermal and Alternative Processes for Foods


Community & Leadership Development

KY013007 Tanaka, K. 
Research and Education Support for the Renewal of an Agriculture of the Middle



KY008033 Bessin, R. T.
A National Agricultural Program to Clear Pest Control Agents for Minor Uses

KY008044 Dobson, S. L.
Mosquitoes, Disease & Public Health

KY8040 Harwood, J. D.
Biological Control in Pest Management Systems of Plants

KY008035 Obrycki, J.
Ecology and Management of European Corn Borer and Other Lepidopteran Pests of Corn

KY008034 Rieske-Kinney, L. K.; Baker, F. A.; Cook, S.; Bentz, B.; Harrington, T. C.; Bonello, P.; Jacobi, W.; Wood, D.; Raffa, K. F.         
Interactions among Bark Beetles, Pathogens, and Conifers in North American Forests

KY008045 Yeargan, K. 
Biology, impact, and management of soybean insect pests in soybean production systems

KY008038 Yeargan, K. V.
Biological Control of Arthropod Pests and Weeds



KY011024 Archbold, D.
Multi-State Evaluation of Wine Grape Cultivars and Clones

KY011028 Archbold, D. D.
Improving Economic and Environmental Sustainability in Tree-Fruit Production Through Changes in Rootstock Use

KY011025 Ingram, D. L. 
Marketing, Managing, and Producing Environmental Plants in a Technical and Economically Efficient Manner


Human Environmental Sciences

KY099012 Simmons, L. A., Dyk, P.
Interactions of Individual, Family, Community, and Policy Contexts on the Mental and Physical Health of Diverse Rural Low-Income Families  


Plant Pathology

KY012026 Seebold, K. W.; Elliott, M.; Canaday, C.; Rothrock, C.; Westphal, A.; Keinath, T.; Ownley, B.; Jimenez-Gasco, M.; Padgett, G. B.; Benson, D. M.; Cubeta, M.
Ecological and genetic diversity of soilborne pathogens and indigenous microflora


Plant and Soil Sciences

KY006042 D'Angelo, E.
Fate and ecological effects of livestock antibiotics in soils

KY006043 Grabau, L. J. 
Weed Management Strategies for Sustainable Cropping Systems

KY0-06044 Grove, J. H.
Characterizing active soil organic matter pools controlling soil N availability in maize-based cropping systems

KY006036 Karathanasis, A. D.
Mineral Controls on P Retention and Release in Soils and Soil Amendments

KY006041 Karathanasis, A. D.
Hydropedology: Genesis, Properties, and Distribution of Hydromorphic Soils

KY001662 Phillips, T. D.
Breeding and Genetics of Forage Crops to Improve Productivity, Quality, and Industrial Uses

KY006038 Phillips, T. D.
Plant Genetic Resources Conservation and Utilization

KY006039 Wendroth, O. O.
Characterizing Mass And Energy Transport at Different Scales


Veterinary Sciences

KY014023 Bailey, E.
National Animal Genome Research Program Species Coordinator for the Horse

KY099007 Bailey, E.; Lear, T.; MacLeod, J.; Cothran, E. G.; Graves, K.; Webb, B.
National Animal Genome Research Program (From NSRP-8)