Research Accomplishment Reports 2008

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Human Environmental Sciences

Research Accomplishment Reports for 2008


KY010008 Chow, C. K.
Antioxidant Nutrients, Reactive Oxygen Species and Oxidative Stress

KY010007 Glauert, H. P.
Dietary Antioxidants, NF-kB, and Carcinogenesis

KY0KURZYNSKE Kurzynske, J., Jones, K., Stivers, W., Ashurst, K.
Promoting Life Skills in Middle School Youth

KY0KURZYNSKE1 Kurzynske, J.; Stivers, W.
Children, Youth and Families Education and Research Network, Program Component

KY0MURRAY Murray, D.  
Mental Healthiness Aging Initiative (MHAI)

KY099012 Simmons, L. A., Dyk, P.
Interactions of Individual, Family, Community, and Policy Contexts on the Mental and Physical Health of Diverse Rural Low-Income Families

KY0VAIL Vail, A., Scutchfield, F. D.
Health Education Leadership, KY