Research Accomplishment Reports 2008

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Research Accomplishment Reports for 2008


KY011024 Archbold, D.
Multi-State Evaluation of Wine Grape Cultivars and Clones

KY011027 Archbold, D. D.
Regulation of Expression and Activity of Sorbitol Dehydrogenase in Apple

KY011028 Archbold, D. D.
Improving Economic and Environmental Sustainability in Tree-Fruit Production Through Changes in Rootstock Use

KY011018 Buxton, J. W.
Optimizing the Water and Air Relationship and Nutrient Concentration in a Controlled Water Table Irrigated Container Growing Medium

KY011020 Geneve, R. L.
The Role of Ethylene and Polyamine Interaction in the Time to Radicle Protrusion during Seed Germination

KY011019 Houtz, R. L.
Mechanism and Significance of Post-Translational Modifications in the Large (LS) and Small (SS) Subunits of Rubisco    

KY011025 Ingram, D. L. 
Marketing, Managing, and Producing Environmental Plants in a Technical and Economically Efficient Manner

KY011026 Ingram, D.; Van Sanford, D.; Dillon, C.
New Horticultural and Grain Crop Opportunities for Kentucky

KY0INGRAM Ingram, D.; Van Sanford, D.; Dillon, C.
New Crop Opportunities, KY, Phase IX

KY0INGRAM1 Ingram, D.; Van Sanford, D.; Dillon, C.               
New Crop Opportunities, KY, Phase VII

KY011022 Snyder, J.
Spider Mite Resistance Mechanisms in Lycopersicon hirsutum Accession