Research Accomplishment Reports 2008

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Research Accomplishment Reports for 2008



KY009019 Arthur, M. A.
Prescribed Fire in the Southern Appalachians:Stand Structure, Oak Seedlings, and Fuel

KY009020 Barton, C.
Evaluating Streamside Management Zone Effectiveness in Forested Headwater Catchments of Central Appalachia

KY009018 Cox, J. 
The Ecological Role of Large Mammals in the Forests of Kentucky and the Eastern United States: Implications for Conservation

KY009021 Fei, S.
Assessing the Invasion Pattern of Exotic Plants in Forest Ecosystems in Kentucky

KY009022 Lhotka, J., Stringer, J.
Use of Underplanting to Enhance the Health and Sustainability of Oak Dominated Ecosystems in Kentucky and the Central Hardwood Region