Research Accomplishment Reports 2008

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Research Accomplishment Reports for 2008


Animal & Food Sciences

KY007038 Xiong, Y. L.
Role of Protein Oxidation in Water-Binding and Hydration of Meat


Biosystems & Agricultural Engineering

KY0-GATES Gates, R. S.; Singh, A.; Higgins, S. F.
Gaseous Production from Impermeable Swine Waste Storage Tanks and its Abatement Using Biofilters

KY0-PAYNE Payne, F. A.; Hicks, C. L.; Menguc, P. M.; Castillo, M. Z.
Syneresis Sensor Technology Development for Curd Moisture Content Control

KY0PAYNE1 Payne, F. A., Castillo, M., Hicks, C.
Syneresis Sensor Technology Development for Curd Moisture Content Control. Renewal Application



KY0PALLI07 Palli, S. R.
Functional Genomics Studies on Nuclear Receptors: Target Sites For Insecticide Development and Resistance Management

KY0OBRYCKI Obrycki, J. J., Haynes, K. F.
Intraguild Predation Among Aphidophagous Lady Beetles

KY0-WEBB Webb, B. A.; Govind, S.
The Regulation of Innate Immune Responses to Endoparasites in Lepidopteran and Dipteran Larvae


Human and Environmental Sciences

KY0MURRAY Murray, D.
Mental Healthiness Aging Initiative (MHAI)


Plant Pathology

KY0FARMAN Farman, M. L., Goodin, M. M., Valent, B., Soderlund, C.
Localization Of Secreted Proteins During Penetration And Invasive Growth Of The Rice Blast Fungus Magnaporthe oryzae

KY0-KACHROO Kachroo, A.; Ghabrial, S. A.
Dissecting Soybean Defense Pathways Using Virus-induced Gene Silencing

KY0VAILLANCOURT Vaillancourt, L.; Ma, L. J.; Thon, M.
A Genome Sequence for the Model Hemibiotroph Colletotrichum graminicola

KY0VAILLANCOURT1  Vaillancourt, L. J.
The Role of Signal Peptidase in the Pathogenic Association of the Anthracnose Stalk Rot Fungus Colletotrichum graminicola With Maize


Plant & Soil Sciences

KY0-MATOCHA Matocha, C. J., Coyne, M. S., Miller, A. F.
Inhibition Of Fe(III) Reduction By Nitrate: Impact Of Anoxic Chemical and Biological Fe(II) Oxidation
KY0MCNEAR McNear, D. H., McCulley, R. L., Fierer, N.
Response Of Soil Processes to an Above Ground Plant-Fungal Symbiosis: From Rhizosphere to Regional Scales

KY0PERRY Perry, S. E.
Mechanisms of Gene Regulation by the Embryo MADS-factor AGL15, and Roles in Glycine max Somatic Embryogenesis

KY0SMALLE Smalle, J. A.; Kurepa, J
26S Proteasome-Dependent Control of Cytokinin Sensitivity

KY0-TANG1 Tang, G.
Random RNAi Screening for Negative Regulators of Drought Resistance in Arabidopsis

KY-2006-01130 Tang, G.
Developing MicroRNA Vectors for Gene Suppression in Agricultural Plants

KY0WENDROTH Wendroth, O. O., Coyne, M., McCulley, R., Karathanasis, A., Grove, J.
Dynamics of Soil State Variables and Related Processes Across a Land Use Gradient in Spatial and Temporal Transition