Research Accomplishment Reports 2008

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Research Accomplishment Reports for 2008


KY0BAILEY Bailey, W.A.
Formation and Reduction of Tobacco-specific N-nitrosamines (TSNA) in Dark Tobaccos

KY006046 Baskin, C.
Seed Germination Ecology of Hawaiian Montane Species

KY006059 Coyne, M. S.
Effect of Urease Inhibitors on Volatile N Loss From Soil and Other N Transformations

KY006042 D'Angelo, E.
Fate and Ecological Effects of Livestock Antibiotics in Soils

KY006056 D'Angelo, E.
Fate, Transport, and Ecological Effects of Livestock Antibiotics in Manure-Amended Agroecosystems

KY0DAVIES Davies, H. M.; Chambers, O.; Stewart, C. N.
Field Evaluation of a Transgene Containment Strategy for Plant-Made Pharmaceuticals in Tobacco

KY006058 Dougherty, C. T. 
Spatial and Temporal Characteristics of Grassland Agroecosystems

KY006048 Egli, D. B.
Regulation of reproductive sink size in soybean (Glycine max L. Merrill)

KY006043 Grabau, L. J.
Weed Management Strategies for Sustainable Cropping System

KY0GREEN Green, J. D., Witt, W., Burdine, K., Schwab, G.
Integrated Weed Management Strategies to Increase Pasture Productivity

KY0GREEN1 Green, J. D., Witt, W., Burdine, K., Schwab, G.
Integrated Weed Management Strategies to Increase Pasture Productivity

KY0-06044 Grove, J. H.
Characterizing Active Soil Organic Matter Pools Controlling Soil N Availability in Maize-based Cropping systems

KY006036 Karathanasis, A. D.
Mineral Controls on P Retention and Release in Soils and Soil Amendments

KY006041 Karathanasis, A. D.
Hydropedology: Genesis, Properties, and Distribution of Hydromorphic Soils

KY006049 Kumudini, S.
Identification of Soybean flowering Pathway Genes Using E Gene Near Isogenic Lines

KY006050 Lee, C.
Determining Impact of Lower Soybean Plant Populations on Other Practices within the Soybean Production System

KY0-MATOCHA Matocha, C. J., Coyne, M. S., Miller, A. F.
Inhibition Of Fe(III) Reduction By Nitrate: Impact Of Anoxic Chemical and Biological Fe(II) Oxidation

KY006045 McCulley, R. L.
Endophyte Effects on the Structure and Function of Tall Fescue Pasture

KY0MCNEAR McNear, D. H., McCulley, R. L., Fierer, N.
Response Of Soil Processes to an Above Ground Plant-Fungal Symbiosis: From Rhizosphere to Regional Scales

KY006047 Perry, S. E.
Regulation of Gene Expression during Plant Embryogenesis

KY0PERRY Perry, S. E.
Mechanisms of Gene Regulation by the Embryo MADS-factor AGL15, and Roles in Glycine max Somatic Embryogenesis

KY001662 Phillips, T. D.
Breeding and Genetics of Forage Crops to Improve Productivity, Quality, and Industrial Uses

KY006038 Phillips, T. D.
Plant Genetic Resources Conservation and Utilization

KY0SMALLE Smalle, J. A.; Kurepa, J
26S Proteasome-Dependent Control of Cytokinin Sensitivity

KY006053 Tang, G.
Roles of MicroRNA Structures in Plant RNA Silencing

KY0-TANG1 Tang, G.
Random RNAi Screening for Negative Regulators of Drought Resistance in Arabidopsis

KY-2006-01130 Tang, G.
Developing MicroRNA Vectors for Gene Suppression in Agricultural Plants

KY006053 Tang, G.
Roles of MicroRNA Structures in Plant RNA Silencing

KY006060 VanSanford, D. A., Bruening, W. P.
Performance of Small Grain Varieties in Kentucky

KY006055 Wagner, G.
Metabolic Studies and Bioengineering of Plant Trichomes Towards Enhancing Pest/Disease Resistance and Facilitating Molecular Farming

KY006039 Wendroth, O. O.
Characterizing Mass And Energy Transport at Different Scales

KY0WENDROTH Wendroth, O. O., Coyne, M., McCulley, R., Karathanasis, A., Grove, J.
Dynamics of Soil State Variables and Related Processes Across a Land Use Gradient in Spatial and Temporal Transition

KY006054 Williams, D. W.; Powell, A. J.
Turfgrass Management Practices in Kentucky

KY006051 Witt, W. W.
Development of Weed Management Strategies in Agronomic Crops

KY006057 Zhu, H.
Positional Cloning and Characterization of RCT1, an Anthracnose Resistance Gene in Medicago