Research Accomplishment Reports 2011

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Enhancing Community Resilience: Discussion-based Exercises of Agrosecurity Plans

A. L. Husband, R. N. Yeargan
Extension Administration


Non-Technical Summary

The goal of this project is to enhance community resilience in jurisdictions with local emergency operations plans that address agrosecurity issues. Objectives are to:

[1] expand the Extension Disaster Education Network (EDEN)'s educational capabilities through development of an agrosecurity exercise program for use at the local level; and

[2] strengthen agrosecurity components of local emergency operations plans by empowering state Extension personnel to amplify dissemination of exercises.

Accomplishment of this goal will be achieved through development of a peer-reviewed, discussion-based exercise program that addresses agricultural issues in local emergency operations plans. The project will help the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture achieve significant impacts in its priority areas, such as assuring food safety and global food security through increased community resilience.

Additional project outcomes include regional/national education and communications leadership to add value to current educational materials regarding disaster issues; and developing exercises to evaluate the effectiveness of local emergency operations plans to improve stakeholder partnerships across traditional boundaries to decrease the impact of disasters.