Research Accomplishment Reports 2011

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Children, Youth and Families at Risk Liaison

J. Kurzynske
Department of Human Environmental Sciences


Non-Technical Summary

Across the nation, there are 40+ CYFAR funded sites. These sites are community driven programs which need technical assistance. I will provide assistance to assigned sites. I will conduct site visits and write required reports on these visits. In addition, I will co-Chair a program planning committee for annual CYFAR conference.

2011 Project Description

1. Participated in liaison conference calls.

2. Participated in evaluation and continuation webinars.

3. Participated in CYFAR listening session.

4. Answered questions and communicated through phone calls and emails with past and presently assigned funded CYFAR projects.

5. CYFAR/DOD Family Resiliency 2011 conference Program Showcase co-chair.

6. CYFAR/DOD Family Resiliency 2011 conference recording secretary.

7. Established/updated the listserv.

8.Site visit with Washington State University was conducted October 2011. Report submitted.

9. Sites visits are scheduled for Auburn - March 12-14, Tuskegee - March 14-16, Louisiana - April 14 -27, and New Jersey - April 17-19, 2012. Texas A&M site visit will be scheduled once the change of site location is approved by NIFA. Teaching load makes winter, spring and summer site visits easiest to schedule.

10. Reviewed all CYFAR/SCP reports. All have been approved except for one.


2011 Impact

Washington State University, Tuskegee and Auburn University have a better understanding of the new evaluation requirements for the grant. They can articulate their community, technology, and sustainability plan. Six out of 6 renewable institutions submitted annual reports that were accepted and met submission deadlines. One is still pending, waiting for edits.

Approximately 80 Program Showcase displays were successfully exhibited. Conference minutes were submitted to coordinated team in a timely fashion. Sites had their questions answered in a timely fashion.