Research Accomplishment Reports 2011

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Carter, C. N.
Livestock Disease Diagnostic Center


Non-Technical Summary

The Livestock Disease Diagnostic Center at the University of Kentucky and the Breathitt Veterinary Center at Murray State University are full-service veterinary diagnostic laboratories serving practicing veterinarians and farmers in Kentucky. Both facilities have recently implemented fully functional web-enabled laboratory information management systems (LIMS) that will soon be directly linked with the Office of the Kentucky State Veterinarian (OSV). The LIMS accessions all clinical cases submitted from veterinary practitioners and farmers and reports laboratory test results back to these clients in a timely and accurate manner. Over the last two decades, these laboratories have accessioned over one million clinical cases. A large data warehouse of animal health data has been developed and tested in a previous project that will provide data streams for animal health reporting, monitoring and trend analysis. The purpose of this project is to enable wireless and remote access to this rich data warehouse along with current and archived clinical cases. Outcomes: 1. Wireless/remote access to diagnostic testing results 2. Wireless/remote access to a ruminant disease decision support system designed to assist veterinarians in selecting appropriate diagnostic tests and submiting an appropriate specimen. 3. Dissemination of current trends in animal health through multi-threaded briefings and rich thematic web-based products.

2011 Project Description

A suitable project manager was hired. A study and evaluation of mobile computing devices for laboratory and field veterinary use is in progress. Specifications for a differential diagnosis application have been developed. Three meetings with the software developer (subawardee) have been accomplished The knowledge engineer (subawardee) has completed 55% of the ruminant disease knowledge base. The PI has made two trips have been made to Texas to work with the knowledge engineer.

2011 Impact

A white paper on mobile computing devices is being written to help guide decision making related to the purchase/testing of these devices. The development/inference engines are now under development which will be driven by the knowledge engineer's output. This will enable the application to build differential diagnosis lists.