A double-elimination knowledge bowl based on poultry-related subject matter.


DATE, TIME and LOCATION of the state contest

Date: First Friday of the State Fair (i.e., Animal Science Day)
Time: After completion of the State Poultry Judging contest (approximately 12:30 PM).
Location: Cloverville, West Wing of State Fairgrounds
Awards will be presented at the end of the contest in Cloverville.

NOTE: Registration is completed by the County Agents through the state fair registration process

The top four senior judges will have the opportunity represent the state of Kentucky at the National 4-H Poultry Conference to be held the third Thursday of November in Louisville. To qualify to represent Kentucky in the national event, a 4-H’er must participate in the state event. An all-star team is selected to represent Kentucky in the national event. Selected participants are required to work with the state specialist to prepare for the national event.


The National Avian Bowl Study Packet was revised in 2016. All questions for both the state and national events will come from the 2016  version. .

The following sections and pages have been selected as study materials for the 2018 Kentucky Avian Bowl contest:

Juniors contest covers:

The Senior Contest will cover all of the Junior Contest material plus:

The 2015 version of the National Avian Bowl Manual is available from the Clemson University Bulletin Room. The cost is $15.00 per copy (plus shipping)and may be ordered online using either a VISA or Master card.

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