"Agriculture is a business. Farming without a financial motive is gardening." . . . . . Anonymous

As with any small business, you should research markets before you start construction of any poultry facilities. Make sure you have a reliable source of feed. Do the calculations to make sure that you will make enough profit to cover your time and labor.

How much feed will my chickens eat? (University of Kentucky)

Poultry Enterprise Budgets (Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems)

Farm profiles and sample budgets from established poultry producers (Washington State University)

Growing your range poultry business: An Entrepreneur's tool box (ATTRA)

Enterprise budgets - Planning for profit (BC Ministry of Agriculture and Lands, Canada). Includes budget examples from: a 20 acre mixed broiler, layer and egg operation; a 5,000 free-range, organic (and non-organic) layer operation; broiler operations of various sizes; various turkey operations types; as well as miscellaneous poultry species (emu, ostrich, pheasants, quail, silkie chickens, and squab).

Diagnosing a farm profitability problem (University of Arkansas)

Is your agribusiness project feasible? (University of Georgia)

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