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As the American Community Survey was being developed and rolled out, organizations have been developing informational resources to help explain the new survey and its data.

Below are links to some of these

publications and resources.




For more information about the

American Community Survey,

go to the Census Bureau's website:




                                                                                        (URLs last updated: May 2011)




Population Reference Bureau



Webpage on the 2010 Census and the American Community Survey:



Online Tutorial on the ACS






American Community Survey: Questions and Answers. March 2011






The American Community Survey.  Population Bulletin. Volume 60, Number 3.

September, 2005






The American Community Survey: A Guide for Data Users. August 2006.







Missouri Census Data Center







The American Community Survey vs. the Decennial Census Long Form
Are We Better Off Now Than We Were a Decade Ago
? June, 2009.






Ten Things to Know about the American Community Survey (2005 Edition)






Ten More Things to Know (and Do) About the American Community Survey: Keys to Understanding and Accessing the Data








(Rural Policy Research Institute)




The American Community Survey: What it Means for County Data. March 2010






Data from the U.S. Census Bureau: 2010 Census and the American Community Survey. October 2010.  (Powerpoint Presentation)










(Community and Rural Development Institute)

Department of Development Sociology

Cornell University






Using the American Community Survey (ACS) for Rural or Small Area Research & Policy. Research & Policy Brief Series. Issue Number 24. December 2008.










Rural Studies Program

Dept of Agricultural & Resource Economics

Oregon State University






The American Community Survey: What It Means for You in 2010 and Beyond. Rural Studies Brief No. 2, November 2010.










North Dakota State Data Center




Using the American Community Survey for Rural Research. July 31, 2008 - Presentation at the Rural Sociological Society Annual Meeting, Manchester, NH.

(Powerpoint Presentation)










Rural Life and Census Data Center

South Dakota State University






The U.S. Census Bureau and American Community Survey: Advantages, Uses, and Limitations. Rural Life and Census Data Center Newsletter. Number 3, November 2008.










Pew Research Center




Should the American Community Survey Be Voluntary? July 6, 2010.














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