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Since 1940, the long form of the Decennial Census was used to collect detailed social, economic, and housing characteristics of our communities and counties. 

Today, this has been replaced by the

American Community Survey (ACS).

This page provides links to websites and resources that provide help in filling out the questionnaire for the American Community Survey.



For more information about the

American Community Survey,

go to the Census Bureau's website:





For an Overview about the ACS and its Questionnaire




More than the Top Ten: A Resource for Questions about the American Community Survey

     Julie N. Zimmerman











Resources from the Census Bureau



The Census Bureau has lots of resources and ways to find help in filling out the questionnaire for the American Community Survey.  Below are a few of these.





ACS homepage with links to assistance, FAQs, etc





To see a sample of what the American Community Survey looks like, go to:











To learn more about why each question is asked, go to:









To respond to the American Community Survey, go to:









To get help in filling out the American Community Survey, go to:









To see what the sample size and response rates in Kentucky are, go to:








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American Community Survey






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