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The American Community Survey (ACS) is now the place to go for data on the social, economic, and housing characteristics of our counties and communities.

As with any new data source, those from the ACS

differ in many ways from what we are used to.

This page provides links to resources and publications to help us understand and accurately use data from this new data source.



For more information about the

American Community Survey,

go to the Census Bureau's website:





Publications from Kentucky: By the Numbers




For an overview of data from the American Community Survey:




New Kid in Town:

Understanding Data from the American Community Survey




For more information on the 2010 Decennial Census:




The 2010 Census: New Decade, New Data





Census Bureau Publications


  The Census Bureau has produced a series of handbooks for different data users of the American Community Survey. 



Some examples include:



What General Data Users Need to Know

What High School Teachers Need to Know

What the Media Needs to Know

What Users of Data for Rural Areas Need to Know




You can find the complete list at:










To see what the sample size and response rates in Kentucky are, go to:










For more publications and resources,

see the Additional Resources page

on this website.







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