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With approximately 90,000 farms in 1998, Kentucky ranks fifth in the nation for total number of farms representing the diversity of agriculture in America. Here, farming ranges from the large scale irrigated cash grains operations of the western region to the horse farms and general farm enterprises of central Kentucky to the small-scale farming of the eastern counties.


While average farm size in Kentucky is substantially smaller than the national average (154 vs 435 acres), Kentucky ranks in the top 20 for production of several crops and livestock inventory categories.


With nearly half of Kentucky’s population residing in rural areas, farming is an integral component of many local economies, including Kentucky’s metropolitan areas which also boast substantial income directly from farming and food-related enterprises such as food processing and wholesale/retail sales.


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Data Sources Used



These data are from the 1997 Agriculture Census.


Additional data are available from the

National Agricultural Statistics Service website at




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