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Interviews with Rural Sociologists



The following is a list of interviews with rural sociologists and others associated with

the Rural Sociological Society. 


The entries are presented in no particular order.  Most often, it is the order in which they were found.


This list is a continual work in progress.  If you know of other interviews with rural sociologists (even if they

are not available on the internet), please email the RSS Historian.



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Oral History Interview with Arthur Raper, January 30, 1974.

Interview B-0009-2. Southern Oral History Program Collection (#4007).

(Can listen online with transcript)





Oral History Interview with Douglas Ensminger

Harry S. Truman Library and Museum

(Typed transcript available online)





PAA Oral History Project (Population Association of America)

Look in "Interviews with Presidents of the PAA from 1947 to 1960"





PAA Oral History Project (Population Association of America)

Look in "Interviews with Presidents of the PAA from 1947 to 1960"





Julian Samora Research Center.  Michigan State University

LA FRONTERA and its People: The Early Development of Border and Mexican-American Studies

(Interviews with Dr. Charles Loomis, Dr. Julian Samora and Dr. Gilbert Cárdenas) Barbara Driscoll.  1993.


Conversation with one of SfAA’s Founders: An interview of Charles P. Loomis (Society for Applied Anthropology)






Bertrand, Alvin Lee, 1918-, interviewee. Oral history interview, 1995.

5 sound cassettes (7.5 hours), Transcript (276 p.). Location: L:4700.0524. LSU alumnus and Boyd professor of Sociology/Rural Sociology. Bertrand discusses growing up in rural La. and the French language and Cajun culture. He also discusses rural sociology and La. agriculture. He describes the LSU campus in 1936 and details his long association with LSU and the Sociology Department. For further information see online catalog.


Louisiana State University Libraries

Use search box on Oral History webpage:


Abstracts of the tapes





"Rural Sociology."  Essays on the College of Agriculture's History.  Iowa State University.





Louis B. Nunn Center for Oral History

University of Kentucky Libraries

Interview with Howard W. Beers, June 21st, 1972


Interview with Howard W. Beers, February 18th, 1985


Interview with Howard W. Beers, May 16th, 1985


Interview with Howard W. Beers, September 5th, 1997




"Agricultural History" Talks to Jess Gilbert


Published in the journal Agricultural History, Vol. 82, No. 4 (Fall, 2008), pp. 439-444




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