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Application Resources

General Information for Proposal Development

Helpful Acronyms and Dictionary

Outreach Resources

Developing Contracts

Steps in the Proposal Development Process

Example Checklist

College Grant Officers Contact Info


Useful Information (OSPA)

OSPA Forms

Proposal Development Office

Grant Writing Guides and Tips

Science Wire

OSPA Useful Proposal Information

How-to video for adobe signatures  
We are accepting Adobe electronic signatures for the Financial Disclosures. If you do not have one, you can follow this link which shows you how to create one. Please let Kim Hall know if you have any questions.

Subawards (UK giving money to another institution):

OnLine Subagreement Request System

Guidance on How to Use


Budget Spreadsheets

1-5 Year Budget Worksheet using months effort 4-1-2014

1-5 Year Budget Worksheet using percent effort 4-1-2014

1-5 Year Budget Worksheets with cost share using months effort 4-1-2014

1-5 Year Budget Worksheets with cost share using percent effort 4-1-2014




NSF Proposal and Award Policies and Procedures Guide, effective January 14, 2013

CSRESS Grants.Gov Application Guide, January 15, 2009




Science Wire

Federal Granting Agency Links

Non-federal Granting Agency Links

Faculty Research Resources

Sponsored Project Information Files (SPIFi)

Vice President for Research Funding Opportunities



Industry Sponsored Research

Office of Research Integrity

Bayh-Dole Act Intellectual Property Guidelines

UK Service Center Guidelines

Technology Transfer & Intellectual Property Development